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I went to this Doctor because he was a pain specialist. I had both knee and hip replacement surgery.

I personally had an addiction problem that he knew about. Instead of decreasing my pain meds he kept increasing them and adding more pills. I was on morphine, oxycontin, valium and sleeping pills. One day he got mad at me, acting so unprofessional, I thought he would fall on the floor kicking and screaming, he threw me out of his office, without giving me my last prescription.

I could have been in real trouble if not for my primary doctor giving me a prescription and then weaning me off, like he should have done. His name is Thomas Keller in Santa Rosa, CA.

Beware. Also he is very unprofessional telling racist jokes during visit.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: An apology.

Dr Thomas M Keller Md Pros: Staff were friendly.

Dr Thomas M Keller Md Cons: He cut me off without any notice.

Location: Santa Rosa, California

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I too have been through this with this so called doctor. Mass amounts of pain meds benzos and sleeping pills.

Then dropped me as a patient out of the blue and i went through withdrawals on my own still have chronic pain and because of this having a hard time finding a doctor. Lawsuit to entail.


He did the same to me


I always paid on time. He had mr on methadone and soma.

Then on my appointment day i went in staff is always nice. But he cut me off said people are selling pills are you?I cant offord to get rid off my meds.

Now im withdrawing and still have pancreatic wich is very painful. I wonder why he does that must be is MO.


He did this to me also


I want to be part of the lawsuit. How dare he!

He is the {{Redacted}}.

I wonder how he can be nice for a year then all of a sudden cut us off at a high does. Do all doctors do that?


All of you can rest easier. I GOT HIM!!!

WOW! Saying that damn near made me cry. I went to the DEA in Oakland in June, 2017. Again, I GOT HIM!!!

He as indicted in Oct. 2018, and is facing 45 years for FRAUD, and being a DRUG PUSHER. He RUINED my life by getting me addicted. For 4 years I was a SLAVE to that RACIST POS.

"Why do they make aspirin white? Because, they want them to work." I wouldn't be surprised if you good people participating in this topic have heard him tell that joke, because, that's where I got it from. He had a million of em, and all RACIST & BIGOTED. *** Archie Bunker, could even learn a thing or two from him.

Anyway, the DEA had me wear a wire. Now you all know that you're not alone. I know your pain. I know the helplessness you endured, and are continuing to endure, and hopefully this will make you feel better.

He'll NEVER hurt anyone again. ANONYMOUS


He did this to me but worse he asked if he could write my prescription for Kepra (I have a seizure dis) he was also writing scripts for benzos sleeping pills oxy morphine etc He told me if I feel a seizure coming on to take morphine instead of Kepra? I would never do that on my own.

I had multiple seizures and was hospitalized for more than a week. Sad part is Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital said I was non-compliment with my seizure meds so my records are a joke. I was in a car accident and he kept using the MDS codes from when I started seeing him with no real reason why muscle relaxants and stronger and stronger pain meds. I went to an attorney and was told I needed to go to rehab?

This was all before he was indicted. I would be very interested in talking to your attorney I detoxed alone in my bedroom and it was *** Janet Willingham (Facebook) 707-292-****


Now he’s going to jail

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