Count One of the indictment charged that he and other defendants conspired together to possess with the intent to distribute and to distribute more than 500 grams of cocaine. Some of the co-defendants pled guilty pursuant to plea agreements.

Phenicie and three other co-defendants were tried by a jury. That trial ended in a conviction for one of the defendants and mistrials for Phenicie and the other co-defendants. On August 21, 1989, Phenicie went to trial again on these charges. He was convicted on August 23, 1989.

He was sentenced to 189 months. 3 At trial, numerous co-defendants testified against Phenicie. First, Danny Lanham testified that he bought cocaine from Nickalaus Phenicie, Randy Hughes and Gary Tunsky three times in May, 1987 at Randy Hughes' parents' home in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Some time after those transactions, Hughes and Tunsky were arrested.

In June, 1987, Lanham spoke to Nickalaus Phenicie about Hughes' and Tunsky's arrests and about the further purchase of cocaine. Phenicie indicated that he was happy that they were arrested because he did not like the way they had set up their business. He also told Lanham that he would continue to supply him with cocaine.

After this conversation, Lanham met with Nickalaus Phenicie and Phenicie's brother Chris at Lanham's town house in Glen Burnie, Maryland. At that time, Nickalaus delivered cocaine to Lanham, and told Lanham that if Lanham needed more cocaine, he, Nickalaus, would send the cocaine from his home in California to his brother Chris in North Carolina who would then take the cocaine to Maryland.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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I wonder how much the FDA is behind this along with "BIG PHARMA" . From past experience dealing with probate attorneys and judges the only thing they know is to "GASLIGHT" everyone to get what they want.


Right? Attack, discredit and lie.


from the 'cult watch site'...someone paid Intelius for his rap sheet...

Doctor gary tunsky...precision healing technology...global biophys

Posted by: bobandjean ()

Date: April 23, 2008 11:32AM

Actually, no they weren't---except for the solicitation/narcotics (steroids, I'm assuming...). Interestingly enough, the charges speak more to the "character" of the individual, rather than the medical/health ability.

I would hope, though, that character is one area we would all want to be informed about before allying with a health individual. Personally, I consider it EXTREMELY important, since we are talking about caring for my Sweetheart (cancer, & right now, our little MIRACLE!).

Here's a recap of what I found: **STATE** **OFFENSE DATE** **OFFENSE******************** **NOTE*************************************** FL 04/88 Burglary, other state Felony FL 04/88 Battery, Law Enforcement 3rd degree felony AZ 11/90 Solicitation, narcotics Class 6 felony; also had 8 different aliases AZ 01/94 Aggravated DUI Felony AZ 01/01 Liquor, consumption in public Misdemeanor TX 10/01 Failure to I/D Fugitive Class B misdemeanor (according to TX courts, each of the following is a separate offense) " 09/02 " " " 08/03 " " " " " " " " " " " " " " 06/04 " " " ? " " CA 04/07 ? Unknown offense Again, this information came from the Intelius background check we did.

I spoke directly to the courts in Scotsdale AZ, Maricopa AZ, Hillsboro TX, & Dallas TX.

Couldn't get through to CA court to confirm offense. These are the facts, not slander---draw your own conclusions...


Can't you let this go? You have followed him around for decades.

Maybe tunsky has learned from his mistake of almost 30 years ago. I was told he impersonated a doctor in California and went to jail for that but that was decades ago.


He's still impersonating a doctor now with no evidence of ever having been licensed to practice as one in any of the 50 states. The more you research, the more varied his credentials, but they never check out when running him through state health provider licensing sites.

Concerns me as a licensed R.N. of nearly 36 years because dear friends and others are being duped by him and April Renee, another questionable character.

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