My name is Bob Gaither. My sweetheart was diagnosed with cancer (body, bone, brain) in Sep. Although we are working with local oncologists, my research led me to Dr. Gary Tunsky, on the Naturopathic side, since we are checking all alternatives.

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Date: January 03, 2012 09:42PM [Cult watch.com]

I would like to say here that my dear Mother put 100% faith in "Dr" Tunsky, spent around $20,000 of his so-called products, did everything he told her to do, and SHE DIED ANYWAY!!!!! Tunsky kept telling my Mother that he was going to get her well from the cancer she had! PLEASE, IF ANYBODY IS READING THIS, AND YOU ARE CONSIDERING LISTENING TO THIS MAN'S ADVICE, TAKE IT FROM OUR FAMILY! DON'T!!!!!

Bob Gaither

I have been in contact with Dr. Tunsky, & started researching him---which led me to your write up on this forum. Naturally, I am now very concerned. Would you please contact me to give me details of your knowledge regarding him.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience.


Bob Gaither

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Taunton, England

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I use to snort Coke with this guy when I worked at Chippendales male club in 1984. The truth.

He scammed me out of 10 K on some fake dating pitch. The whole setup even had a guy from out of town three piece sut and briefcase. Sucker I fell for it . Confronted him physically and got 5 K back a monrh after I discovered there was no dating company.

On a road trip hje told me of stealing Steroids from a docs office. He practiced as a fake MD for months before getting caught. Iknew he skipped town for Phoenix with another fraudster PaulYates but since lost track of him. up tom his old scams in his 60's.

I fell for it and I'm street smart NYer or so I thought.

His scam is to come across as sincere midwest nice and intelligent. Sorry you fell for it


He was taking everyone for money in the 80s. Me too.

I also knew Yates as well.

Hopefully he changed. That was along time ago.


Mr. Gaither, I'm very very sorry to hear about your lost.

What I can tell you from my research into health in general is that oncologist generally have little to no training in nutrition. As well, in surveys including a recent one at McGill Cancer Center, 3 out of 4 surveyed oncologists WOULD NOT receive chemotherapy themselves or prescribe it to their loved ones because of the effects it has on the body and its ineffectiveness! But yet they are happy to give it to us! So realise that going the conventional route was never going to be a good choice.

That being said, there is nothing which Dr. Tunsky is proposing which is not consistent with naturopathic remedies. The focus is always on detoxing the body, ensuring the body has all the nutrients it needs to function properly along with additional supplements for possibly attacking the cancer (supplements like vitamin C, selenium, oregano oil, etc). But it has to be a multipronged approach where you have to look across all possible vectors (i.e.

Nutrition - deficiencies, Toxins - environment, food or spiritual, Mental - emotional well being, Physical - accident, Genetic - did other members of her family have the same type of cancer, and Medical - drugs will deplete nutrients of the body as well as toxify the body) to determine whether one or more of them is the reason your wife had cancer.

I know that it doesn't help because your wife is no longer there, but know that you were on a path with a higher probability of success when you and your wife decided to go down the natural path.

Please see site, https://www.cancertutor.com/ for more information. My deepest condolences.

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