RoseDog Publishing is a disgusting, despicable company that takes lots and lots of money from writers who are unfamiliar with publishing. They take advantage of writers who simply want to publish a book by charging them thousands of dollars for what the writer can do FOR FREE through Createspace.

Do you hear me, writers? Publish your book through Amazon for free! Yes, it's free to upload your book on Createspace and have it published on Amazon. Yes, Amazon will take 30% off each sale because they are printing it for you AND shipping it directly to your buyers for you.

They make it simple. You don't pay a dime up front. You only pay out of the royalties you're already making. Companies like RoseDog are laughable.

You MIGHT make pennies off each sale, but not until they feel like they've made enough off of your book first. Stay away from them!

This company works under many aliases. DO YOUR RESEARCH, or you will get screwed.

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I was going through Dorrance Publishing but my book was published through Rose Dog. I have had my few copies for a month and still have not been able to order on line because my code doesn't work and there has been one issue after another.

I was a first time writer and thought the book looks GREAT. The service is questionable so far.

I was hoping I could just order more books before Christmas. So far I get no answers to my request and no quote on the cost.


I am sure this happened.


All these types of companies are scams

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