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Sue Johnson aka Cozy Kittens now going under Doll Face Persian Kittens selling sick kittens rip off.

We bought a kitten before we knew about this breeder and her history. The kitten was sick with ringworm and infected our home and everyone in it plus the kitten had fleas and hook worms. We paid 3500 for this kitten and she refuses to recoup our money for vet bills. No one buy from this scammer read ALL the complaints about Sue Johnson/Cozy Kittens aka www.DollFacePersianKittens.com

Her and her husband buy kittens from other catteries posing as buyers then post them for sale as their own at triple the price. Read the other complaints all are disgusting about how the animals are neglected or killed. She needs to be put out of business.

Long awful history as a breeder had I known I would of NEVER bought from this monster.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

Location: Tampa, Florida

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Glad someone has finally figured it out lord Bad News Bears Aka "Cozy Kittens"

Michelle R Amo
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First, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to tell their story. I’ve been looking at Dollface for years, trying to bring myself to a place where I would pay between $6 and $10K for a kitten.

The examples and horror stories told here have made me change my mind. This is far too costly a mistake for me to make. I will continue to admire the little ones from afar - but can’t see spending that kind of money on anything that will potentially die 6 to 36 months later. This is really an unfortunate situation.

I hope all of you who have proof do something to have her business license removed. Thank you, again, for sharing your situations.


What a scammers, buying kittens from other and pretending that kittens is theirs.

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Yes that's obvious. They are "Kitten Brokers." They buy from Hoobly.com kittens that are the same color as their stock photos.

They buy from descent breeders at low prices and sell at their ridiculously high prices which can go as high as $11,000 for a kitten the claimed was "Rose Gold" (no such actual persian breed color btw) named Goldie Hawn. Avoid these despicable kitten brokers and their sick kittens.

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