I was given a DJO product by Urgent care. I was told by the provider that.

"Insurance will cover it". 61 days later I get a bill for $335.04. The provider (Regence in WA State) paid $94 because they determine that's the value. Sure enough they are around $80 - $100 on a bunch of websites.

So I call DJO .

. . 4 calls. Over an hour total on hold.

When I finally got someone to pickup the phone they gave me an email address for contact. Unfortunately I couldn't hear what they were saying and told them so 7 times. They kept on talking from inside a cellophane bag on the freeway with the windows down until they finally told me they would call back. They didn't.

I made my case over email. We will see what happens.

I will update this if I'm not in prison for driving to Texas and beating the *** out of everyone in the office. I an not rating because there arent negative numbers.

User's recommendation: Get something in writing from the Dr. who "gives" you an orthopedic appliance.

Location: Buffalo, New York

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