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I have been doing everything Disability RMS and Madisonnational Life have asked and now I am on my last appeal, I had a lawyer friend do some checking about Disability RMS and Madison National Group Longterm Disability, who are to be on facts and history on the person. My lawyer friend, Craig, works for lawfirm that busts insurance companies for fraud, paying off doctors to deny disability, ect.

Disability RMS is one of the top who likes to deny ppl, they don't have any negativaty reported on them, Insurance Companies, Do not want to pay, will take the premiums! What I have is the result of a brain injury from medications, Like the old saying goes, if you can't see it, it must not be so! One of my doctors is going infront of the Medical Review Board because I have medical records that he didn't send to RMS, he sent a Whole different file just changing some information, so I believe he is on the list. I have been on medical leave for almost 2 years.

Disability Denials with more appeals, should specifically explain what is needed for testing and not denial again and last appeal still not sure what the disability RMS is looking for.

If anyone else has had a problem with Disability RMS, please sound off. Attorney's firm is investigating.

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Danyale Yck

Rms dilshant raj


I am a LPN and have been out of work since Jan.11,2012. Disability RMS has not sent me anything since March 23rd stating that my doctors have not sent them any concrete medical diagnosis or reason of not being able to work.

I have whiplash pain. The pain is severe and effects my neck, head, left shoulder, left arm and upper back. All areas of severe pain intensified by almost any task I do. Stephanie at disability RMS actually had the nerve to ask if I had a lawyer and what was the lawyer's name.

I did not tell her. They want me to see an independent doctor who I suspect they have paid off to say I'm not disabled. I am so stressed over how terrible I have been treated by Disability RMS. The stress causes my neck pain to be even worse.

I have not been denied yet but I feel they will deny me after I see their so call 'Independent Doctor". I have had three doctors to send them info stating I'm not able to work but yet I cannot get my short term benefits. To make it worse, my orthopedic doctors have treated me badly. Usually i leave the office crying because of how bad they talk to me.

This seems unusual.

Perhaps Disability RMS paid my orthopedic doctors off. Any advise is appreciated.


Unum and several other Disability Income insurers (including Principal, OneAmerica (AUL), and Madison National Life) use an organization called Disability RMS for their claims processing.

Disability RMS is vicious and vile. Their sole purpose is to seek out every reason and venue possible (no matter how ridiculous) to deny, reduce, and delay policy holder claims.

Their processes reflect ‘bad faith’ to the nth degree.

As a professional, I’ve experienced their tactics twice over the years. In both instances my clients did eventually win their case. (One was a sort of, it was a short term disability plan they denied because they claimed the employee did not work enough hours to be eligible. In the end, since they wouldn’t pay her claim, we forced them to refund ALL premiums paid on behalf of the employee which totaled nearly twice what the claim would costs them had they honored it.)

I promptly moved ALL my business to other carriers.

Under NO circumstances will I ever recommend ANY carrier that uses Disability RMS to anyone. Most certainly NOT to my clients!

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I am a former employee and at one time dRMS was voted "one of Maine's best place to work"

Yes at one time they were; but now vicious and vile. They make you work at least 50 hours a week, unrealistic.

They lie to the client indicating five case managers processing their product and they had one.

All the managers care about is more more bonus. Instead of having a layoff they found


Just remember if you are covered under an ERISA policy your legal rights are limited in regard to taking action against the insurance company


My main doc gave me 6 weeks disability & said to see a psychiatrist for long term disability.

The psychaitrist I found said they don't recommend anyone for disability.

I figured how could a doctor not recommend what the patient needs and made the appointment with them, since I couldn't get one out of 5 psychatrist offies to answer the phone in 7 days!

It was so obvious that I needed to not work,so I was taken aback when he said he would increase my meds. Then he saw I was at the maximum levels.

So I see, they must get paid to Not recommend you for disability. Do you think this is through the medical insurance company also?


DRMS-paid me from 2001 through 2003.In 2003 their Doctor determined I was not disabled and they stopped my benefits.42 months later they agreed with my doctors that I was disabled.After lots of paper work they started paying benefits again.Looking back they cut me off deliberately with MALICE and INTENT.Their purpose was to make them look good on paper and to *** with the disabled like me.Your attorney may e-mail me to discuss.I still think about filing a suit against these cold,uncaring,disrespectful and arrogant thing they call Disability RMS!marty132005@***.com

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