Dimensional is one of the top commercial roofing contractors we have worked with. Our experience with them comes from an objective perspective as a commercial manufacturer who provide them a certification to install commercial roofing systems, and provide warranties that back not only the material but their labor. Our litmus test is simple:

1. Does the company pay their bills and have strong financials? Yes

2. After our inspection process do they make perfect 10's? Yes.

3.. Do they operate their business with integrity and represent our brand in a professional manor and a commitment to quality? Yes.

4. Do they have strong commercial references dating back at least 3 years? Yes.

Ultimately I would encourage anyone to check commercial references, as well as past clients. Of a review comes from one of those sources, I would put a very high value on that. If a bad review comes from a previous employee, or group of employees, I would question the validity of that review. Our experience with them has been nothing but positive. Any negative professional conduct would effect their ability to keep their certification with any major manufacturer, and to date we have had none.

Location: Houston, Texas

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The best roofing company in Austin.


Our organization has had multiple roofs replaced by Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics and did great work. In fact, I was referred by West End Supply, a roofing supply company and I am so glad I went there for a reference.

They deal with roofers everyday and to get a solid referral made me feel so much more comfortable.

I work for a large property management firm and had little margin for error. Fortunately, all worked out well!

- Mike Loftin


Thank you Mike. We appreciate your business as always and look forward to working with your firm again.

As Ian Wilson from Versico stated above, we have been a top Versico installer for many years and have experienced growth in many new ways that benefit our valued customers. Aside from being one of the highest rated TPO installers on Versico's roster, we have been installing a tremendous amount of standing seam metal roofs. We can roll form on site and fabricate all of our trim with a computerized break. That apartment complex in east Austin will be a great project for our metal shop.

We look forward to it. Thank you again Mike!

@Erik Yxw

My name is Vincent and I was wondering if you guys do residential roofs as well. I got Matt Lamz name from a supplier that recommended him, but spoke mostly of commercial. I'll check back soon.


Hello Vincent. M husband works for SpawGlass, I large general contractor and when our house needed a roof, my husband had Dimensional Roofing replace our roof.

He's worked with them at Spaw. They took a while to get to us but worth the wait!


Hi Vincent-

To answer your question, YES we are more than capable of re-roofing your home with almost any kind of system out there. If you have a shingle roof, you might consider Standing Seam metal.

We use Berridge metal which is a high quality brand and offer some of the lowest prices in town.

Call our office at 512-583-**** for more info!

- Amanda

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