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A friend of mine who does very detailed research on companies, recommended to me purchasing a Dimension One Triad Spa. This was helpful because researching on the net provided me few definitive answers. I went down and negotiated a fair price with an outfit called Blues Brothers.

Over the last 5 years, I have had, on average, 3 major repairs a year. In the second year I called Dimension One to ask if they might consider replacing what appeared to be a defective spa. Their reply was simply: “I checked your file and see that Blues Bros should be taking care of any issues for you.” Now 5 years later, warranty is up, I’m SOL with the latest problem. I turned off the spa, drained it, and consider it a total loss.

So if you thinking about spending several grand for a spa, cement pad, and wiring; then carefully consider a main line brand like my neighbor's Sundance. Otherwise, you may end up with a shoddy product and a customer service policy that I will tersely sum up as screw-you.

If you would like a copy of my service record please write and I'll send it to you via email Kimeldorf(atsign)comcast.net. Buyer Beware when Dimension One is mentioned in the same room as your wallet

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Oct 26, 2016 #1232194 Blackwood, New Jersey, United States

Bought my Californian in 2006. Replaced upper control panel once under warranty. Since warranty ran out I have replaced the cover (last year), a circ pump (last year). Now, this fall when I opened it, I had to replace the upper control panel again and they are telling me the circuit panel is also bad because one of my jet pumps will not come on. I work with easyspaparts.com. They are very helpful with troubleshooting problems but again the parts are just so expensive.

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Jun 09, 2016 #1170965

I just bought a used dimention one spa for $500 and was told nothing was wrong w it. Turns out it needs about $1000 work done plus wiring and chemicals. Repairs include topside panel, heater assembly and 2 leaks.

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Apr 20, 2016 #1147361

I have the same problem with the upper control panel. I am going on number 3 as the letters and numbers cannot been seen whatsoever. I also have all six sequencing solenoid covers leaking. I have contacted D1 service department and have not heard back from them. My model is a Chairman II.

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Oct 21, 2015 #1051749

I have owned one for over 8 years. Every year I have had to replace the digital panel because it got water in it. The last one I got about three years ago and I was told that it was the answer. However, it has now done it with the new one and I have been told that they wouldn't replace this one. Yet it is the same ongoing problem that I have had for over 8 years. Isn't there a lemon law that should apply?

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Oct 17, 2015 #1050044

Are you a Sundance salesperson?

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no more hot tubs for me

Oct 17, 2014 #886187 Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, United States

Your story is almost identical to mine! Control panels(3), flow sensors (2), pump one replaced, and a significant leak. The dealer fixed the leak, riping all the foam out and sawing the frame. Now its leaking again so its drained and trash bound since the warranty has passed. Total write off, I think I'm done with hot tubs.

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Apr 10, 2014 #804047 Johnston, Iowa, United States

Have a D1 Spa for 5 years. I have had to replace one blower pump, the controller, the ozonator and the small pump. I also had the automatic flow switch fail while I was away during the winter, which resulted in freezing and additional line repair. I have also had to dig out the foam to repair leaks where the pvc pipe attaches several times. While troubleshooting the current leak, I discovered rotting supports. This is my third tub. It is also my last D1 Spa.

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Mar 07, 2014 #792153

Clearly Dimension
It is not temperature as I went over this many times with my spa dealer and the company itself who never brought up off-season temp adjustments.
One wonders why others post how great their spas are. One wonders why they bother to go online. Then I recall how less-than-honorable companies now One now hires trolls to create doubt, because they feel this neutralizes consumer concerns. Even though I have a new spa that works great, never been serviced, I keep my old records because I believe a class action will probably result from their record.
this many years later I stand firmly behind the original post.

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Jan 19, 2014 #775602 Saint Charles, Missouri, United States

I bought a dimension one spa from r&s spa in Maryland heights Missouri,,,was great while under warranty, leaked every year,,after warranty continued to leak but no help from dealer,,no help to take care of problem,knowing it had leaking issues,wouldn't buy another nor from this dealer,,'hope there's a lawsuit,,never heard from manufacture either,,,thanks a lot!!!

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Oct 29, 2013 #734649 Leicester, England, United Kingdom

I've had my D1 Nautilus for 5 years now and had nothing but trouble with it from start to finish. I'm currently looking for my 4th M-Drive controller and although they can be purchased for $300 in the USA I am being quoted £550 in the UK ($800). I wouldn't mind but the buttons/keyboard that operates it hardly gets any use and shouldn't be short-circuiting like this - ALMOST ONE A YEAR!!!

The headrests turn into powder after 3 years because of a chemical reaction with the chlorine - why are they not made from a different material that is Flouride tolerant? Again, these replacement pillows cost $15 each in the USA but $70 each in the UK.

I can tell a similar story about the flow diverters, the pipes to the headrests and many many more things... shelling out $15,000 on one is the least of your worries... its the ridiculous prices they quote to replace parts that shouldn't be breaking or faulty that bleed you dry.

And why do things cost 3 times as much in the UK? Also its not possible to import them from the USA as the import duty and postage costs kill you!


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Sep 22, 2013 #720311

I have a Dimension One spa and only had one problem with it - the bracket for the filter broke at the 1.5 year mark. I called my dealer and they replaced it within five days. The only things wearing out after 5.5 years are the cover and the headrests. Otherwise the spa has worked fine.

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Martin Kimeldorf

Jul 25, 2012 #518986

even with extensive documentation of twice yearly repairs the company refused to fix and eventually replace spa. Their strategy is to let it run out of warranty and run away.

I hope someone starts a class action...

Until then, when you hear the name Dimesions One spa, run away like your hair is on fire.

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Jul 25, 2012 #518907

We have a 2005 Dimension One Californian that's on its third control panel. Same problem as others, display failure. The first two were fully covered under warranty, the third died out of warranty yet D1 agreed to cover parts but not labor ($125). The third one is starting to fade now as well. Not happy about the dropping $300 every two year going forward on a control panel.

The headrests disintegrated after 7 years but I'm somewhat OK with that. I wish someone at Dimension One understood that spa components need to be made waterproof.

Overall, though I'm happy with the spa, it's super comfortable and the jets are strong and perfectly-positioned.

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Spa Doc

Aug 11, 2013 #697684

Dear D1 Diplomat Spa owners,

As a former independent spa repair contractor I used to replace many control panels on the D1 Diplomat Spa model, especially during spa season ( I swear it was at least one a week) as I told each customer I ever dealt with over this issue, is exactly what I will tell you here, seeing as there are so many of you here with this issue.

When your spa is not in season and or you are not using it much at all, try turning the water temperature down from 100+ to about 80 degrees. Why? Because during the summers, where in most parts of the country see temperatures of 90+ degrees (some even 100+) the water will rise in the spa to the outside temperature. Now by mid day that will only intensify if you leave the set water temperature inside the spa up over 100+, I have seen spa's left at normal temperature in the summer after I have removed the cover at mid day the spa water was reading 114 degrees, heat like that is what cooks the motherboard with in the control panel... sorry folks, its not so much D1's shoty workmanship, its more of inexperienced spa owners.

Long story short? Lower the set water temperature by about 20 degrees when your not consistently using it and instead of only getting 2 years out of the control panel you might get about five or six.

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when you hear about dimension

May 13, 2012 #479832

run away like your hair is on fire.

Last year I bought a Watkins made spa and totally love it.
No repairs, no apologies, and works as advertised.
If you want my dealer's contact in let me know, the company is known in the pacific northwest as Olympic Hot Springs!!!

Can't praise them enough

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Injury guy

May 13, 2012 #479796

I bought a new D1 Triad II in 2005 and it has been a nightmare of repairs. Every jet valve has been replaced twice for leaks and two are currently leaking. So bad the plywood base has rotted away. The upper display controller stopped working and was replaced. Now the display has gone out on the replacement. Also had a leak underneath so they had to tear out all the sprayed in rigid insulation. Plus no one said anything about having to replace the ozone generator on a regular basis but I see the D-1 website calls for this to be done (another$300+)! So right now I'm looking at $1,000 repair to get everything in order. I have ZERO confidence the repairs will last. I'm 56 years old and I have never felt so ripped off in my life. D1=junk!

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Bea D michigan

Sep 11, 2011 #342281

Hi I have a dimension spa - amore bay - 3 years old - in freezing temperatures in winter & some really hot summers-
I replaced the control panel (it was fogging up so you couldn't read it- & now it's doing it again in less than a year -
no fountains left on - can we clean it instead of replacing it? (it works just can't see what it is saying)
Cover replaced once (less than 3 years) -
(hot tub top is not protected by sun and snow - but the body is in ground with a 2 feet working diameter around 3 sides-
lights didn't work right long at all- are those easy to replace? (LED)
head rests (pillows & similar material (sponge like) cannot with stand the heat - melted away-
jet plastic covers break easily - should be stainless steel right?
Easy maintenance & cleaning (except under filter - small screen - really hard to release for cleaning)
any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated -
lots of great features - best jets ever!!!!

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, you took good care of it I g

Aug 08, 2011 #325493

you prolly had way to much cholorine in your tub. covers dont last forever maybe 3 to 5 years and if you get any longer then good for you.

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kirk Young

Jun 11, 2011 #297570

I have had my Demension one spa for 10 yrs had a few little problens but were take care of asap by my dealer in rosevile ca , my chairman spa has been every thing the salesman said it would be, the ajustable pillows and the massager is great, I would recommend dimension one spas to every one, the customer service is the best. Kirt

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Debbie Jacobson, on 5-6-2010 3

May 06, 2010 #140939

I for one own a Dimension One spa. It's the Amore Bay & we love it. We have had it for three years & I can honestly say, that we had to replace a jet & they were more than glad to service our's at No Cost. I would look at the people who sold me the spa before anything else. The store that we purchased our tub from went out of business so, we called Dimension One direct & they were very helpful.

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