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Can you reimburse for battery please.

I purchased a cell phone G V10 H901 64GB Space Black T-Mobile -EXCELLENT 9/10! through EBAY it arrived on July 11th evening...I went to my cell phone store as it didn't seem to be functioning....they informed me the battery was dead (white) ...I bought a new battery (18.95) on top of the price I already paid for the phone and delivery and it now functions fine.

I will not return the phone but since you advertised it as EXCELLENT I would like to be reimbursed for the battery and shipping (7.95) .. KINDLY RESPOND as I do not want to leave negative feedback calmingeffects@***.com Tried to call you on this phone but very poor voice quality

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by #1716797

According to Digicircle warranty policy, the company offers a 30-day warranty for all items they sell that are rated fully functional (e.g., FULL_FUNC). They cover (cell phone) activation problems (for only the advertised carrier) and functional defects that arise as a result of normal use of the product only. They do not warrant any of (but not limited to) the following conditions: 

A) Usage compatibility with phone service providers not identified on the (cell phone) listing,

B) Battery charge time and battery capacity (unless the item is sold as NEW), 

C) Damage caused by an exposure to water, 

D) Damage caused by excessive heat, 

E) Damage caused by improper use of an adaptor/charger or voltage, 

F) Any software-related issues due to an an user upgrade or installation.

 You can contact Digicircle customer service via Contact Us form on their website.

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