I ordered one of the dwarven mugs from this guy back in November last year. I follow him on TikTok and he kept everyone updated on the issues they were going through with moving and with the cold in Texas and I get it.

So I waited, March 2021 I reached out to see if they were going to update us and as you can see in the texts below nothing and this is the number on their site they say to reach out to. NOTHING since March. All he does is make Tiktoks and now he's bribing people to leave 5 star reviews which violates Googles TOS, he took the video down but thankfully I screen recorded it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ax3mCvRswo.

He doesn't care about the people he sold items to in the past, he doesnt try to make things better he just ignores it all. Do not, I repeat do NOT do business with him.ascam S

Location: Gardner, Kansas

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