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This individual is a scammer! His Dental Sleep Masters program is a complete rip off! He scam dentists into believing he has done thousands of oral appliance implants when in he can prove only 114 total. His partner, Barry Glassman, performs two per month according to his assistant, Angela.

Avi Weisfogal has had his dental license revoked and had to repay patients to the tune of over $500,000 - one patient $400,000!! And, tis revocation was serious enough that it wasn't the Board of Dentistry, it was the State Attorney General's Office!! Look at the attached pics of the ruling! Also, visit the State of New Jersey Consumer Affairs website!

They tell the dentist to perform and bill for the HST - illegal!! They tell the dentist to place a "Sleep Coordinator in the office for free _ ILLEGAL, violates Anti-kickback laws!!!

Their Dental Sleep Masters offices - in Florida is an apt building, in New Jersey is a rundown tenament!!!

Beware and run!!

Reason of review: Fraud.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Dental Sleep Masters Cons: Scam.

Location: Rohnert Park, California

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I really hope you are doing better and sorry you went through this.


So exactly who are you Mr Anonymous

Steven C, never had a member with that name in the history of dental sleep masters

Now you are going out and hurting good people who signed up, paid good money and may lose opprotunities because of your bogus report

Karma will come back around

@Cleta Sds

They just came to the Renaissance Austin Hotel and complained about everything because this group only stays at 5-Star hotels so they complained about rooms, service, environment and moved their reservations from the hotel to the Fairmount or Four Seasons. Y'all make $100k+ on registration fees, pay the hotel maybe $20k for rental space, F & B, and AV and pocket $70k.

That's $840k a year!

Stay far away from this group and don't come back. Next, they will come up with an exclusive teeth whitening program and say its a private formula but really is bleach.

@Cleta Sds

He spends most his money in mobile video games and thousands every other day


looks like StevenC123 is also one of those people who complains to management at every restaurant he goes to. Always trying to get something by complaining or misrepresenting facts.

Shame on him. He probably doesn't tip after lying for his free meal.


So hilarious that everyone here is "Anonymous" (Yes, including me!).

So easy to get into *** matches and name calling!

From what little I know, this DSM is definitely not a success.


You are so right!


He lost his license, he did BankRup, he never saw 200 patients and his partner Glassman does maybe 40 cases a year. Avi partnered with Glassmand practice cause Glassman made no money.

Two crooks. Ask the 50 dentist that lost money with him. Whoever Steve is he is just saying the facts.

The one challenging him is probably Avi. Medicare will investigate and see the fraud


Seems to me that the person who posted this is completely ignorant of medical law and clearly does not mind fabricating information. Due diligence will easily expose the outright lies and clarify the the slanted misrepresentation of Dr. Weisfogel.


Steven C

Why don't you show your face

You know nothing about the Dental Sleep Masters or Avi Weisfogel

Whose companies over the years have treated over ten thousand patients. But you would like to be a name less picture less coward?

Go out and do something with your life rather than sitting around complaining


You criticize Steven C for not showing his face, but why don't "you" show "your" face?


I will tell you who I am

Avi Weisfogel

I have never had a member named Steve C so how could he claim he lost money with me

Steve C is obviously a competitor who rather than talking about his own program tries to disparage others

Anybody who bothers to listen to someone who goes by the name Steve C is more than welcome to call me and talk any time

My office number is 908-258-**** I don't hide like others and I don't knock people down either I just go about my business helping as many people as I can Get your act together Steve C I mean Andrew P


Avi- Although I think your intentions were good.. You lied to too many people for too long.

Tell a Lie so big it has to be true... to change a failing community of dentists who ignore sleep into treating and screening everyone.

I took your course for 1.5 years. You did have a brilliant idea- but it was never proven by you, or anyone else.

I cant say you were wrong in your brilliance, but your lies are continuous and undeniable. At this point- you have shamed the hard work of Barry Glassman, and falsified to no end your status as a sleep dentist. I feel bad for Barry at this point to be associated with a charlatan like you.

I've researched you, and so far have found not a shred of evidence of you ever having a sleep practice apart form your failed new jersey dental clinic. No addresses, no NPI involvement in other businesses, no Medicare enrollment, no proof in your seminars.

You have never conducted a sleep clinic that has proof, nor will from now on as a non dentist.

Goodbye Avi Weisfogel. Snake Oil wasn't just for the 1800'S. I'm sure you have cashed our money already.

I'll hold my breath for our refund, but good luck out of the country. AA.


You just admitted that Avi Weisfogel is violating the terms of his license revocation as defined at http://www.njpublicsafety.com/ca/action/201411**_**DI0207****.pdf which states, in part, the Board finds that Dr. Weisfogel’s patient care as revealed by his own records provides a basis for disciplinary action.

Additionally, the report of the D-PREP evaluation gives rise to serious concern. Dr. Weisfogel…has indicated his desire to permanently retire from the practice of Dentistry. The Board issued, “The license issued to Dr.

Avi Weisfogel, D.M.D. to engage in the practice of Dentistry in the State of New Jersey is hereby permanently retired to be deemed a revocation of licensure.” and he was required to pay additional payments to three patients.

By his misrepresentations in the delivery of dental services, he is violating the terms and conditions of his license revocation. Dental Sleep Masters is operating in violation of the terms of his license being revoked, which states, “A licensee shall not charge, receive or share in any fee for professional services rendered by him/herself or others while barred from engaging in the professional practice."



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