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Update by user May 30, 2019

Delaney & Delaney Indianapolis Lawyer Kathleen Delaney left us exposed and feeling legally violated because she forced an early settlement. We find it quite amazing that a lawyer and a firm that boasts about their professionalism we be so egregious.

When we think about it, we not only feel legally violated but we also feel violated in general. Kathleen Delaney of Delaney & Delaney decided that she no longer wanted to be involved in our case. Here is the bizarre part of it, she was not owed a dime. I am told that this action may violate federal law.

That is correct, Delaney & Delaney was paid in full but still wanted to abandon the litigation.

I almost vomit in my mouth when I think about what Kathleen Delaney, Delaney & Delaney did at the worst time of our lives. We will update this almost daily we gather more thoughts and feelings.

Update by user May 09, 2019

Delaney & Delaney in my opinion can not be trusted. Unethical in my opinion as well.

Original review posted by user Apr 16, 2019

Kathleen Delaney Indianapolis attorney acted unprofessionally and in our opinion, committed malpractice. Kathleen Delaney and the firm, Delaney & Delaney acted egregious and certainly, in our opinion, unfair dealing and breached fiduciary duty. Kathleen Delaney and Delaney & Delaney abandoned a case with barely any notice.

This we feel was unfair and pretty disgusting. We feel like this firm pretty much *** on our litigation. The firm was not owed any money but still screwed us deeply. Kathleen Delaney of Delaney & Delaney in our opinion was careless and unlawful, in our opinion because she, with no regard abandoned a litigation.

This action was pathetic and disgusting. After what we have experienced with Kathleen Delaney and Delaney & Delaney Indianapolis, I wish we never got involved with these people. A lawyer can make or break your case.

People like Kathleen Delaney and the firm Delaney & Delaney, Indianapolis in my opinion can not be trusted. my opinion, I would stay away, buyer beware! Kathleen Delaney made me feel screwed. Horrible firm that's my opinion as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delaney And Delaney Attorneys At Law Legal Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: 3646 Washington Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46205

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I was going to contact them but not now. Thanks for the review.


Yes, I think Kathleen Delaney is a nasty person


Feels like malpractice


Lawyers should not be able to get away with such conduct.


I think these are disgusting people. That’s my opinion.


Absolutely disgusted with Delaney & Delaney law Indianapolis and Kathleen Delaney


Visit Delaneyanddelaneyunethical.blogspot.com


It would help viewers of this website if the complainants provided information other than their feelings and opinions. As an interested reader, background facts in support of the feelings and opinions expressed would help the cause of the complainants' campaign.

The many favorable reports on the web and in recognized print and broadcast media about Kathleen Delaney make it difficult for a reader like me to understand what individuals here are posting about.

I visited the site: Delaneyanddelaneyunethical.blogspot.com (Anonymous Jun 19, 2019 #170**** Visit Delaneyanddelaneyunethical.blogspot.com). Its contents underscore my point.


Despicable behavior in my opinion by Kathleen Delaney and Delaney & Delaney


Kathleen Delaney Indianapolis lawyer my opinion dishonest


DeLaney & DeLaney Indianapolis seems to be unethical


Delaney & Delaney Indianapolis and Kathleen Delaney Indianapolis lawyer in my opinion acted grossly inappropriate with her legal tactics with a member of my family. There is a blog. Visit delaneyanddelaneyunethical.blogspot.com


Horrible tactics


I also think Kathleen Delaney is sneaky and nasty.




We think Kathleen Delaney and her law firm Delaney & DeLaney are *** Dirty, underhanded *** Kathleen’s actions she took with a client was filthy and disgusting. That is my opinion after seeing what she has to done to a family. Nasty.


Visit delaneyanddelaneyunethical.blogspot.com

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