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Diana Peters of Death Row Dog Rescue aka Save a Death Row Dog has been scamming innocent facebook fans out of their hard earned money. She is located in Oakland Park, FL (address also shows up as Ft Lauderdale, FL) She formerly ran her so called rescue out of Davie FL, and prior to that in Miami/Dade in the Redlands area. She keeps getting shut down, and moving on...

Court records show enormous fines she owes, as well as evictions, and an open case with the city of Davie, FL. (in court records Ms Peters has a long history of not paying her way ) Ms. Peters posts dogs for adoption on craigslist and facebook. she does not check references, or do home checks.

Ms Peters lets dogs and puppies die in her care as she denies them vet care. She self treats them. (and buries them in her yard)

Sick dogs get adopted out of her rescue covered in ticks, and some with substantial health issues. Some which are completely treatable , but she chooses not to. Has adopted out unspayed un- vetted dogs. Has adopted out sick dogs that later died.

She is unethical and inhumane.

While in Davie FL she would have volunteers adopt dogs out at a local Pet Supermarket. The manager after seeing the conditions of the dogs, and the ticks put an end to the adoptions there. Sick dogs with ticks should not be in a public place infecting customers pets.

On FaceBook she posts a dog in need and begs for donations, and they come in. On more than one occassion (see proof links below) Ms. Peters has been outed for her blatant scamming. She removes facebook posts and tells more lies, or just ignores.

Many people who have volunteered with her in the past and/ or adopted from her have come together on facebook to post their testimonials. Their original page was hacked, but they have not backed down and are active on facebook once again and testimonials are being re-posted.

Please be sure and read through all of the testimonies and posts.

A volunteer presented Ms Peters a $4000 check and none of the money was spent on the dogs, though a meeting was held and a budget for the funds was allocated. The dogs needed medicines and tick protection, and they were denied.

Diana Peters claims to have a 501c3 - but she takes donations and spends them directly on cigarettes, wine, groceries, rent, electric, water, cable, etc. .

Her face book page is death row dog rescue her website , and if watched carefully on face book you can see her caught in lies and schemes on a regular basis.

Don't believe me, research her and her rescue. She is banned from many shelters throughout Florida. Call her local pounds MDAS 305-884-1101 , and Broward 954-359-1313 and mention her name - banned call Chipley - banned call Brevard -banned , and so many more.

She can not pull dogs from their facilities. Someone needs to ask themselves why a rescue can't rescue a dog?

Call another local rescue group... I have yet to meet one that speaks well of her.

Check her operating credentials on Florida Dept of State and under charities and non profits on .

Check Broward County Clerk of Courts and Miami Dade clerk of Courts (search under Diana Peters, Peters, Diana, and then her addresses you find on those records there are also violations in her daughter Sonia's name also)

Check with code enforcement in Davie 954-693-8237 , and Oakland Park 954-630-4400 . also check with the code enforcement in her first location in the Redlands.

The below links are compiled evidence of her scamming and the face book page group that are posting testimonials and evidence . - LIKE our page and show your support

Proof is in the Posts! Donations solicited with ill intent on Facebook ! - Please read!

Polly and her Pups falsely used to collect donations! Facebook Fans DUPED by so called rescue! PLEASE READ

An Ex-Volunteers Story OMG! un-believable! MUST READ

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These people are fanatical and crazy. Diana Peters stole my animal from a dog park because she thought he would "show well". Totally, nuts and money driven ! The "rescue" now occupies 1/2 of a duplex in Hollywood, Florida. There is barely space for a single pet. Yet, Peters pens the animals and chains them. A sad sad situation
to Anonymous #1031600
Have you placed a stolen dog report? Do you know if she still has your dog? How very sad.
You should be sure to call Broward County Animal Care and place a complaint, make a police report, call code enforcement. The woman is not right. If you need help getting your dog back let us know. There are many dog lovers that would assist you.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1017921
Diana Peters of Death Row Dog Rescue took my dog from a local dog park and refuses to return it. This lady is a real nightmare. She lives in a tiny house with many pets that are badly neglected. I have no idea why she took my dog, ut she needs to give it back.
Linda Gall - Davie Florida - Pet Flipping - LIES LIES LIES - anything to get her hands on a dog that she can SELL ! She sells to rescues & private people. Dogs are being ABUSED IN HER HOME!
Beware of this person - just google her name!
Jeff this was post over two years ago. The last comments were 5 months ago. Why are you stating this is all ***, and that time and effort should be spent on work that can be helpful.

Have you done your research? Have you called facilities and got their take on Diana Peters? Have you watched her doing the same old same old facebook money scamming she has always done? If not, why are you commenting? What do you have to add ?

Why are you assuming people have stopped time and not done any work that is helpful. Do I know you? NO do you know me? NO - so why are you assuming what I am or are not doing?

If you want to give your money to a scammer that neglects dogs, go ahead, no one is stopping you. But the info is out there for others to see, stop and do their homework. :eek If it saves a dogs life, it was time worth spent!!
Lake Worth, Florida, United States #771795
this is all ***, all your time and effort should be spent on work that can be helpful.
to jeff Meridian, Idaho, United States #900908
this was informative and helpful!!!
Truth finder
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia #693610
Fact: google mugshots Joe J Manfredi
Joe J Manfredi
Unpublish ID: 2051159
Gender: MALE
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 5? 6? (1.68 m)
Weight: 138 lb (63 kg)
Birth date: 6/06/1965
DC Number: 650680
Release Date: 5/18/1998
Release Facility: POMPANO BCH W.R.C.
Custody: MINIMUM
Stated Residence:
5110 S.W. 6TH STREET
MARGATE, FL. 33068 33068
Names / Aliases:
Scars / Marks / Tattoos:
Type Location Description
Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Prison Sentence Length
02/19/1996 FORGERY/UTTERING 05/21/1996 HIGHLANDS 9600127 2Y 7M 21D
02/20/1996 FORGERY/UTTERING 05/21/1996 HIGHLANDS 9600127 2Y 7M 21D
02/19/1996 GRAND THEFT,300 L/5,000 05/21/1996 HIGHLANDS 9600127 2Y 7M 21D
02/20/1996 GRAND THEFT,300 L/5,000 05/21/1996 HIGHLANDS 9600127 2Y 7M 21D
Current Community Supervision History:
Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Community Supervision Length
07/08/1992 AGG BATTERY INTENDED HARM 06/14/1993 BROWARD 9213391 8Y 0M 0D
Detainer Date Agency Type Date
... Show more
to Truth finder Coral Springs, Florida, United States #693625
Truth Finder
to ME Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia #693871
It's news to me and I care. I think both sides of this "debate" have made mistakes but the fact is Mr. Manfredi is the only person involved who has apparently served time in prison for among other things "forgery, auto theft, aggravated battery". I'm sure Mrs. Peters has made mistakes in her past but the fact is you are accusing her of actions you've been convicted of and apparently sentenced to prison.

It is what it is. I guess the old saying "it takes one to know one". I don't know you or Sherry or Butkuss, or Peters but I do know facts. Maybe I'm missing something but when I checked I couldn't find any criminal record for Diana Peters.

The only reason I found this is I was considering donating to Mrs. Peters but after reading this I reconsidered. I question her judgement due to the fact that she ever associated with Mr. Manfredi. If she didn't do a simple google check before working with Mr. Manfredi, what other mistakes has she made.

I wish you all the luck in the world saving dogs. If I made any errors above, please correct as I pulled this off of public records via google search mugshots.

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