In 2019 I had a implant with a crown replaced in my front tooth number seven very next six months the tooth became loose. I went back to the DS and told them about the problem.

They looked at it said theres nothing they could do they would have to replace the whole crown and charge me the normal, right Which I feel was totally unjust they are the ones to put the screw in. They did not do it properly. I had to pay another Dennis to cut it out and replace it properly. He said the screw had been stripped he had I spent five hours in the chair getting it took it out, and I have to pay for a gnu crown and Bundt I feel its totally unfair shotty work and they werent.

They werent able to back up their work. Im going to contact Better Business Bureau in Conroe texas Im going to contact dental complaints division in Texas and Im going to maybe make a sign and park out in front of the store telling people their crooks and they will not back up there Work how old are there is to get your money.

User's recommendation: Go here if you want strawberry dental work that they do not back up with any kind of guarantee year warranty. Good luck.

Location: Conroe, Texas

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