I doubt in my mind three days to think about it he forced me into it what you pissed me off therefore not a commitment I cancel the damn contract I notified Better Business Bureau I notified every Agency on the planet to never do business with these people ever again they are so freaking sleazy

User's recommendation: Watch the solar companies they are sleazy salesman.

Product or Service Mentioned: Daybreak Solar Sales Representative.

Location: Rockledge, Florida

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I'm in florida as well, Salesman was 2 hrs. late for 5:00 appointment, His personality, was questionable, and began His sales pitch, after I said We were ready to have Our dinner, and He was re-scheduled for Wednesday.

After listening to him lie about all the ammenities of their product, and insulting Us with a price of 38,000, We told Him it was too much, We couldn't afford that much. I asked for His written contract, He Had none, asked for a calling card, He refused, said We wasn't buying, why did We want a card ! None of the time spent with this guy, made much sense, other then possible scam, from an individual that really had no idea of what He was doing.

He left with a huge attitude !! I say interested parties BEWARE !!!


Who all did you contact? I need to contact as many as possible as well.

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