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The previous poster wrote something that we wholeheartedly agree with—read the affirmative disclosure thoroughly before moving forward.Inventing and new product development is not right for everyone.

It involves risk and we provide information about those risks to everyone who approaches the company with a new idea. If you are considering invention services from a company that doesnÂ’t provide this information upfront, you should ask for it. The poster (twigzilla76) was incorrect that the company is not very successful. To the contrary, we arenÂ’t aware of any company in the new product development industry that is more successful.

A brief look at the actual numbers bears this out. According to the current set of disclosed numbers, which every prospective client gets and which are available through links on the company website every day, in the past five years a little fewer than 14,000 people went through our entire process of researching, designing, building and presenting a product idea to a company for licensing. Of those, 396 obtained license agreements and 14 became profitable. So, out of every thousand customers who completed the development of their product, 28 entered into a license agreement and one became profitable.

To some people, one out of a thousand may not sound like a great success rate for profits, but we challenge any company out there to match it. Check with anyone else out there offering the same or similar services. If they will even tell you their numbers (most of them wonÂ’t), you will find that this company is the most successful at what is a very risky undertaking. And itÂ’s not right for those who donÂ’t understand or canÂ’t accept the risk of the inventing experience to complain about it.

It is not all about signing licensing agreements and profits (as this blogger implies). You have to be willing to accept that inventing is high risk with no guarantees of licensing agreements being signed and profits being made. If an inventor canÂ’t read the numbers and be willing to accept the risks, he or she has no place being in new product development or complaining about it. What we offer is economic product design and development services that mirror how manufacturers and corporations design and develop their new inventions.

And, like most manufacturers, we acknowledge and insist that all clients acknowledge that most ideas are not going to be profitable but that inventing demands a positive attitude and that getting a new product onto the market requires a great amount of effort. It comes down to the “spirit of inventing”. And it is downright stupid for the poster to say that an inventor shouldn’t use our services, unless he can say that there is a better way.

What the poster is really saying is that he can’t stand the heat, so everyone else should stay out of the kitchen, too.This “nanny” kind of attitude can kill innovation and is contrary to the spirit that puts a new product on a shelf.
... Show full reply We complete 100% of our contractual obligations and we can build most (certainly not all) types inventions and we do represent new inventions to manufacturers in an attempt to license them for inventors, but that doesnÂ’t mean that inventors donÂ’t have choices beyond our services.For example, just because one of our registered manufacturers has chosen not to pursue a particular inventorÂ’s project doesnÂ’t mean the inventor should not pursue licensing on their own or hire a manufacturer to produce their invention or represent their invention to retailers or start their own business which can all be based on the product design and development work our team accomplished for them.

Basically, each inventor has a choice to pursue an entrepreneur’s dream or not – no matter what decisions are made we offer to provide economic services at very good price points. Who would have thought by coiling a spring that one of the world’s most famous toys would have been born – “The Slinky.” Wonder how many choices this inventor had to face, not to mention how many negative people he had to deal with along the way, when designing, developing, packaging, and then manufacturing his own toy invention. It’s a good thing that the inventor decided to pursue his dream or kids for the past fifty years wouldn’t have had “Slinky” toys to enjoy. Since we don’t know who this anonymous blogger is, we’ll just provide an outline of the services we offer and the way that we offer them: Step One: All customers must acknowledge the risks of invention development.

In order to do so, each prospective customer is provided with an Affirmative Disclosure and an American Inventors Protection Act disclosure, which includes a description of all of our services and estimated fees. All potential clients must acknowledge that they received and read these disclosures before we accept any idea submission from them. Thereby, we ensure that the general public understands that inventing is time-consuming, costly and rarely results in profit. As a result, none of our clients reasonably can have the impression that inventing is easy and financially rewarding.

Inventing can be educational, fun and exciting as long as everyone keeps in mind and tolerates the risks. Step Two: Pre-Development Service Offer: After receipt of an invention idea we could offer to perform preliminary design research services on the project. This would include researching prior patents and other products that are for sale or have been for sale that are similar to the one submitted. Any service offer made to a potential client is made in writing.

Therefore, consumers are assured of exactly what services they are purchasing and when they will receive them. Step Three: Invention Prototype Services Offer: If the inventor does not have a professional quality sample for use, we can perform one or more services, including brainstorming new product designs, designing components, creating prototypes, building working models, virtual reality renderings, and complete product graphics and packaging. Again, any service offerings are outlined in a written contract. Therefore, clients are assured of exactly what services they are purchasing.

Step Four: Licensing Representation: Once projects are designed, built and packaged our team presents them to companies for licensing consideration. Licensing means that a manufacturer is willing to produce, distribute and sell the new product for a set number of years while the owner of the invention is compensated in royalty payments. The above is a basic outline of how our company does business. If you are ever contemplating any development services, we hope that you will consider us.

We think that you will find our prices to be very reasonable for the services we offer. For over 20 years, we have helped people prepare and present their ideas to corporations and manufacturers to see if they would be willing to license the product ideas. Our exclusive idea to product method is responsible for more products on the store shelves than any other competitor in this industry. Quick facts about our company and our process * We are based in Pittsburgh, PA and work with clients from around the world.

* We have been in business since 1989. * Our companyÂ’s products have been sold by over 700 stores & online retailers. * Our staff designs products for both individuals and corporate clients. * We have over 250 staff members.

* Our staff has won numerous design awards for innovative product designs. * We are a member of the Online Business Bureau. * Our services include research, prototype development, and packaging design. Although this blogger claims to be a former employee of ours we highly doubt it because our employees know that inventing is high risk, that there are no guarantees and that all the information is disclosed to our clients in advance.

What we do guarantee is that we will research, engineer, design, build, and package each inventorÂ’s project according to each contract.

Thank you for your time.We hope you found the above helpful, but if you want additional information on anything concerning the company, please email cca@davisoninvents.com CCA
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