Hi. Ive just joined the site two days now ive made payment and its still saying not successful although my account is being debited and furthermore the site keeps on freezing and shutting down and kicking me out so y the bloody *** are you people debiting me and stil saying to me that my payment ia unsuccessfull and furthermore the site is not evwn working i have go through my email onto the site to check wat is goi g on with my profile.

I would kindly appreciate feedback as soon as possible or else i will get my legal team to contact yours in order to sue .

One more thing I've noticed on this site is the moment you register you have a million guys chatting to you like robots one msg after another and not one proper reply to your text so you wonder if it's not just a scam.

No1 from my country has messaged although I have a million matches of guys who look like supermodels and their profiles have info of them either being a business owner or a successful career if you have everything howcome you don't have a woman in your life it makes you think is this actually real or not ir is the site using artificial intelligence to scam us into thinking these men exist and they interested in us. Due to my legal obligations to preparing for a future lawsuit unfortunately I'm not at liberty to divulge any info that I've established regarding this site

Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng

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