Was traveling down I20 west bound was literally ran off road by dart truck driver number 50945 he crossed over just like I didnt exist almost hit guard rail I want action taken immediately

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You might try punctuation and you do know that this website is not related by any of these companies, so that a complaint filed here does not reach DART. You need to contact them directly.


Still havent heard from dart shows alot about your business that was so scary to be ran off thecroad because your driver was only thinking about making loads and money my life matters I am going tobthe news and continue to make this accident known until further action is taken. I dont feel like Dart cares because I reported this as soon as it happened and still havent heard anything

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I hope u don't drive as stupidcas you sound!!

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Some times 4 wheelers drive in a trucks blind spot and pass them from the right lane.. Sounds like the Dart Driver made a lane change and did not know you were there,..

This is Bad..

But not enough evidence presented here to prove the Truck driver was 100% at fault.. Did he use his Turn signals ?

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