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Updated by user Jun 12, 2021

42 U.S.C § 1983 Civil Rights Due Process rights THE FACT FINDER’S SALARY IS PAID PARTIALLY OR WHOLLY FROM TITLE IV- THE FACT FINDER WHO CREATED THIS VOID SUPPORT ORDER HAD A PECUNIARY INTEREST IN THE OUTCOME AND WAS NOT Neither UNBIASED NOR IMPARTIAL THEREFORE THE SUPPORT ORDER IS VOID. DANE COUNTY Family Court, Support Magistrate Genovese, Julie, and Jamieson, Anton S. cannot follow due process of laws or provide evidence of proper recording of the judgments under FCA 460, AND CPLR 5016 they allege DENNIS D HOKE JR require TO PAY $ 32,177.51/ 299.20 PER MONTH AND A PURGE PAYMENT OF 7,874.60 and charging interest to DANE COUNTY CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY by income withholding order that is not issued by a court of competent jurisdiction on 02/11/2013 as required in under separation of powers doctrine order, Fraudulent Arrest Warrants issued in 06/26/2019- 10/05/2017- 09/29/2016- 12/12/2014 , Which Dane county and Waukesha Sheriff’s Officers try to serve upon Dennis D Hoke Jr in full view of his neighbors, his parents and girlfriends embarrassment, Contempt order issued 09/28/2016 with no valid signature or seal are COMPLETELY VOID AND WITHOUT LEGAL FORCE, WHEREBY I CANNOT BE FOUND IN DEFAULT OF A VOID SUMMONS AND VOID JUDGMENT!

Original review posted by user Jun 04, 2021

Child support is it's Own private entity . Child Support is an independent agency much like the federal reserve, which is not owned by the federal government but structured both the same, child support agency is structured like the federal reserve , both of which are its own private entity (Corporation) .which is a single and separate organized unit..

The child support agency is operating only by the guidelines of the federal government , They are not part of it. (The FederalGovernment). When it comes down to the child support agency I am not in a United States Court, I am in an International tribunal. It would be impossible for me to be in a United States Court.

45 CFR 302.12 , in an administrative law hearing. When it comes to the child support agency and child support altogether when the office of child support enforcement had come in and It created a single and separate organization within the county and state, So that makes them Child Support a contracted agent , working for the state . For example Dane County bringing a support judgment on Dennis Dale Hoke Jr they are lying that's what The child support agency does , they lie and say it is the state of Wisconsin bringing the judgement when in fact it is the County. Which means they lied to me.

They want me to believe that I am in court. fact is I am not in court .

Just another provable lie

. Whomever is sitting up on that bench is not an Administrative law Judge. That is another lie...

In the government's own words federal regulations proceedings conducted pursuant to either the expedited judicial or expedited administrative process must be presided over by an individual who is not a judge of the court. So the judge's surrogate is a party to which is a complete violation of my constitutional rights. And I clearly understand the battle I am in... If it's not administrative or it's not judicial then just what is it?

Which begs the question why do they "The child support agency '' think they are able to throw me in jail , demand money , put liens on my property, and money , and put a warrant out for my arrest? well maybe they could if they had followed their procedures and had a signed contract with my signature The Facts are they can not . Why does the federal court and federal court judges not want to get involved in it? All the federal judges say is we don't have jurisdiction ?

Well either does the circuit court they don't have jurisdiction either. but yet they still want my money and demand it in fact and they still want to have warrants out for my arrest and have me committed to jail l... Again more and more lies? Actually I'll answer that for everyone .

put it into perspective , The creation of the Uniform Family Support Act which was designed to come into compliance with private International law, which is in compliance with the hague convention , registering my child support case with the hague convention. So we'll say it's a global International child support industry. And the office of child support enforcement is the center Registry for the hague convention here in the United States. "It is a corporation".

Child support was not created, it was drafted. ```` ``By whom or what? The uniform law commission. Which is a private unincorporated association.

And an unincorporated association is a business. Its own private entity Separate from government as to which are the people that drafted and created the uniform interstate family support act. So when the uniform law commission eventually held out all their bags of money and they did just that , what happened was Congress Forced the States to adopt and enter a uniform state family support act. So now the uniform law commission then creates a tribunal to register the child support case with the Hague convention.

They are not judges of the courts They are the tribunals of the state, maybe when they're not operating separately as a private entity for the the support agency they could be. when they are not they are not judges nor do they have the rights that judges have. And here in Wisconsin they are county employees. They do not have the right or authority to create any final order Or decision.

they cannot decide the custody of my child. They cannot make a court order. Or an administrative order. 42 CFR 93.

506 authority of an administrative law judge , which States that they have to be in-partial, well they cannot be impartial. How can you be impartial when you have stakes in my money, you benefit from my money , payments and such . These Quasi judges have contracts With the child support agency and office of child support enforcement. .

Where is that impartial ? So they bring the herd acting like it's judicial. Wisconsin chapter 767 . establishing paternity and so on and so on.

Now in the Wisconsin state legislator chapter 767 clearly explains that they cannot . What they're saying is you don't have to bring an order with chapters 769 or 767 or you can bring it wherever you want And why do they not... tell me anything about the Uniform interstate family support act ? because they know anyone who does the reading research such as myself has the potential to take them down with it !

They bring me under so many different laws and act like I have all these contracts and in fact I ,Dennis Dale Hoke JR , do not . Dennis Dale Hoke JR is also only the Biological Father , Dennis Dale Hoke Jr is not the Legal Father , and is not documented as the Legal but the Biological Father ...

User's recommendation: Wisconsin Law and the rest of the county You do not have to use the Agency.

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