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I came to Dallas Off-Road, because I had recently purchased my first Jeep, and someone told me these people and this establishment was the premier Jeep service professionals in the DFW Region. Unfortunately, over the eight months and $8000 worth of patronage that I spent at Dallas Off-Road, I personally witnessed and paid dearly for their gross negligence and damage to my property.

On April 3, 2020, Jeff told me to stop by and have the differential fluid changed after having new Yukon Gears installed here earlier in the year. I showed up as instructed, and had the checkup performed.

After getting my Jeep home some 30 miles away, I pull into my driveway and hop out of my Jeep to see a trail of fluid on my driveway. At that point, I looked under the Jeep and noticed that the drain plug on the differential cover was protruding significantly we later found that it was not even hand-tight, and that fluid had dripped and blown all over the undercarriage of my Jeep during the 30 mile trek from the shop to my home. I called the shop and explained what was going on, and Mark asked me to email pictures of the situation.

After doing so, and calling back, he responds, Well, would you like me to send someone out to tighten the drain plug back for you?

I obviously declined the kind offer seeing as though my trust and confidence in these people had been completely lost as soon as I seen what was going on in my driveway and underneath my Jeep. New Yukon Gears ruined by the gross negligence of the installer due to a drain plug being left out? Check.

Later in 2020, I had some work done at a highly reputable third-party service vendor with decades of quality service in Dallas. While my vehicle was at this third-party establishment, they needed to send my Jeep elsewhere to have a routine alignment and some simple suspension components replaced.

Unbeknownst to me, the third-party vendor sent my Jeep to Dallas Off-Road as, apparently, they too, were under the impression that the people at Dallas off-Road were consummate professionals and absolute experts when it comes to anything having to do with a Jeep.

Well, instead of using this opportunity as a chance to possibly make up for the damage they caused when they neglected to properly replace a differential drain plug months earlier, they instead decided to further damage my property by leaving my Jeep out in the rain overnight without the hardtop on it. Granted, the third-party vendor brought them my Jeep with the hardtop off, the employees at Dallas Off-Road never notified the vendor at the time they dropped the Jeep off that the top needed to be on. They never called the third-party vendor at any time to express that the hardtop would be necessary either. They never decided to simply throw a tarp over the exposed interior either.

In fact, not only did they not secure my fully exposed Jeep in their garage overnight, but they decided to leave it outside overnight along with seven other Jeeps which just happened to all have their covers in place.

Upon the third-party vendor visiting Dallas Off-Road to inquire about the neglect and resulting potential water damage to my aftermarket parts (DVD, speakers, subwoofers, cameras, etc.) - let alone my vehicle interior - the representatives of the third-party vendor were treated with complete indifference, disrespect, and a blatant lack of responsibility and accountability by the Dallas Off-Road staff.

In fact, these experts and leaders of the Jeep community basically handed the keys over to the third-party vendor representative, and said, If you dont like it, youre more than welcomed to take the Jeep elsewhere.

Water damage to my Jeep and numerous electronic devices within due to it being left outside unsecured overnight during a thunderstorm? Check.

I trusted these people with my Jeep because I thought they were consummate professionals who valued all customers and took pride in their quality of work.

I was wrong.

If you value your vehicles and your hard-earned money, take your patronage elsewhere, Folks.

User's recommendation: Dallas Offroad does not respect all of their customers nor do they respect their personal property, therefore consumers should choose an alternative establishment that values all customers each and every time. No exceptions.

Preferred solution: Dallas Offroad should somehow learn to deliver acceptable customer service to each and every customer that walks through the doors of their establishment. No customer's time, money, or patronage should be wasted or taken for granted. .

Dallas Offroad Cons: No accountability, No respect, No integrity, Entitled, Neglectful of customers and their property.

Location: 11338 Emerald Street, Dallas, TX 75229

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Kathye Awz

I wis I would of read this first! Took my 2016 Ram 1500 in for Bilstien 5100 leveling shock kit.

Found out my newer OE style struts didn’t have the removable lower spring mount. So 2 days later after barely any updates or when it will be done. I went up there while on test drive from Mark or whoever the the guy was. Paid for service left only to notice greasy hand prints, elbow smears in area that had nothing to do with front suspension.

Week later I find my left AMP running steps dented underneath which look like a bottle Jack or lift pad was use to lift it, OR, the test drive duo went out and offloaded my frickin truck and damaged it. Now I know a 3rd party alignment shop was used but as I told Jeff someone needs to own up to it! His response? Absolutely would not accept any blame nor for his alignment vendor, but offered to sell me a new step at discounted cost!

THANKS JEFF! Appreciate saving me money while I still pay you more for your shops shade tree mechanic work and service! If it’s not a Jeep or your not a regular who’s “in the click” then your treated like a pest. I had $50,000 worth of Build I wanted done on my 71 IH Scout that his *** pour service cost him.

*** on me once! Never again. $135 dollar step that nobody else worked on that truck he would not own up too! Jeff I just want you to know I know you lied to me point blank after texting and calling several times to get handled.

A week! Before you spoke with me. Only reason I didn’t take you to small claims was because it was $135 and didn’t have definite proof. But you know the truth!

Your loss! Eventually gonna catch up.

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