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We utilized Dallas Energy Efficient Products to install a new $7,300 Provia door system. The door arrived damaged on the installer's trailer. We noticed this when the installer was hammering on the damaged area in an attempt to correct or minimize the damage. The installer had not bothered to examine the door before he picked it up at the deliver point, even though the exterior boxing had obvious damage and he stated that he had noticed the box damage!. The installer then wanted to leave the damaged doors at our home as he stated that taking them away in his open-bead trailer might cause more damage. This waisted two hours of our time. The doors remained at our home's garage for almost two weeks while the owner and the manufacturer debated over replacing and/or repairing the damaged doors. We were told the manufacturer would come out to inspect them from Provia. He never showed. We had to file a BBB claim at this point due to the concern that the company or the manufacaturer (Provia) would try to minimize its loss and 'repair' the damaged doors that the installer should never have signed off on at the freight delivery point due to the obvious box damage.

We wanted the doors replaced in their entirety, but opted to allow the expensive, custom glass inserts to be re-used as we were told this would result in only a two week turn around in getting our new doors delivered vs. four weeks if we wanted new glass manufactured. We were also insured that the new glass would NOT be installed with liquid silcone, as we did not trust the installer to put the new glass in properly, since he had never done it before on a Provia door. We were assured by the Provia representative, Andy that no liquid silicone would be used to install the new glass, as the trim would come with a seal already cured.

Four weeks later, not two weeks as we were told, the new doors were installed with the original glass. The glass had been swapped out by the installer, and liquid silicone residue was evident on the trim and glass!

The installer was observed during every aspect of the installation and did NOT use a plumb line or level at any time to install the frame, even though he was told we had an older home which had piers installed to correct our foundation problems.

The double doors were installed in their pre-hung frame NOT level at the base or along the sides, resulting in these beautiful doors looking like they are leaning to one side. When we called the owner, Mr. Gregg Graham, he was upset that we would complain and blamed the door problem on, you guessed it, our foundation and 'allowable' tolerances. He would not explain why his installer did not use a plumb line or level to install the doors, even though this is apparently common practice when doing a professional install. His installer did come back out to 'adjust' the door. This adjustment resulted in the installer making one door lower than the other, and one of the hinges groaning and creaking very loudly. When we contacted our sales representative Rob about this problem, Mr. Graham actually replied to us and became both insulting and retaliatory in his response. He also refused to come out out to inspect the problem or offer any solutions.

We will be utilizing a master carpenter to rehang the door system, and suing Mr. Graham's company, Dallas Energy Efficient Products, for the cost to install the door plumb.

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ProVia stands by its products and customer service and takes every consumer complaint seriously. In most cases, the contractors, dealers or distributors who work directly with the homeowner are able to manage these issues themselves by working with ProVia’s customer service team. Consumers are invited to view ProVia’s consumer complaints policy at http://www.proviaproducts.com/provia-product-complaints to find out the best way to pursue any product claims.

Gregg Graham

First of all any person who is filing an honest legitimate complaint is not going to file it anonymously. The complainer is actually John Safranek, the owner of BestFix Watch Company. Actually, if you were to get onto his company website, you will see that he had clearly demanded that any of his customers first contact him and then allow him two weeks to respond to their concerns. Sound reasonable? The answer will be a resounding "Yes" if Mr. John Safranek, Owner of BestFix Watch, is willing to hold himself to the same standard that he held everyone he does business with.

While it was true that the door he ordered arrived damaged in shipment (an unforeseen problem that sometimes happen), the installer did not install the damaged door. Because the door is over 400 pounds and usually well packaged before shipment, it is uncustomary for the installer to unwrap the door until he gets to the installation site. Even though the installer did see a small *** on the wrapped box, this type of *** usually were superficial (i.e., on the box and not the well-insulated door). The installer only left the door at Mr. Safranek's garage with Mr. Safranek’s permission because they did not want to be accused of having done further damage to the 400 pound door until the representative from Provia could inspect it. Later, Mr. Safranek changed his mind. He decided to disallow the Provia representative inspect the damaged door. Instead, he demanded for the door to be completely...

The following day, I personally called Mr. Safranek to inform him that we would go ahead to replace Mr. Safranek's custom door at no cost to him. However, to my disgust, I found out that Mr. Safranek had already filed a complaint to BBB before he allow me the time (two weeks period is what he wanted his customer to allow him) to properly address the issue with the door manufacturer (Provia).

Since the door Mr. Safranek wanted is custom made out of state, it would take 4 weeks for another door to arrive. Unwilling to wait, Mr. Safranek agreed to have Provia re-make the door using the existing glass piece (that was not damaged) on the slightly dinked door as long as it does not void its Provia warranty. Since it took Mr. Safranek about 4 to 5 days to decide if he would rather wait 4 weeks for a brand new door (which we were more than willing to do for him) or two for a brand new door with existing glass pieces, the work order was not turned in until afterwards. The door did get delivered in the two weeks manufacturing time frame, as promised, from the time we got the ok from Mr. Safranek.

The door was installed correctly but because the foundation of Mr. Safranek’s house had shifted through the years, the doors could not be installed using the plumb level and look right. Mr. Safranek’s pre-existed cut out for his door frame was off due to the natural geographical shifting of Texas soil. After the installer installed the doors, he said he was very happy about how they looked. Mr. Safranek proceeded to write a check (with the statement of paid in full on it) knowing fully well (since he is such a meticulous person attuned to details) that the check was $1000 short. He left out $1000 for the up-graded locking system he wanted. When we informed him about the $1000 that he still owed, he paid up but Mr. Safranek started complaining about the door again. So we sent our installer out again to adjust the doors just the way Mr. Safranek wanted it even though he had been pre-warned that if the doors are lined up with the level, there will have a bigger gap until his foundation is re-adjusted. Mr. Safranek insisted and the installer did it. At the second adjustment, Mr. Safranek said he was finally satisfied and paid the remaining $1000. Mr. Safranek also told us that he was going to remove his initial complaint with BBB since it was unfair that he filed a complaint on the same day we realized we had a problem to fix.

It is very unfortunate that Mr. Safranek decided to misrepresent the truth in this complaint. The truth is: we took care of the problems for Mr. Safranek right away, as promised; but, Mr. Safranek is the person who would not live up to the same expectation he expects from his customers. So, vendors and business owners BEWARE! Think twice before you agree to do business with a dishonest and unfair person who would not treat others as he would like to be treated!

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to Gregg Graham Dallas, Texas, United States #1204951

Be careful when dealing with John Safranek.He is gun nut who is always having problems with his neighbors.

He also is very unstable and will obsess about any percieved slight or person who he thinks has wronged him.

He is also fond of using an alias persona or commenting anonymously about persons or businesses.I pity the person who has the misfortune of having to deal with him in any capacity.

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