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My 77 year old mothers2018 Jeep renegade has been there 21 days!!! It needs a new power train module (new engine)!

We have had two certified mechanics tell her this. We brought it to Dallas Dodge they told her it would be a 200.00 dollars diagnostic that they would runthey called and said it needed a new battery which it did not. I came up to the dealership and spoke with Waco the service manager I explained to him what the jeep was doing and he told me immediately it was the power train module he knew exactly what it was with no diagnostic needed. They then proceed to say it needs a 50 dollar oil change so they can start this oil consumption test and the good news was we didnt have to buy a battery.

So they changed the oil in that jeep and told her to drive it 1500 magical miles and bring it back.So for 242.00 dollars she got her oil change and an unnecessary diagnostic. It didnt even make it home. We called Waco he had it towed back to the dealership and then told us again it was the battery!!! So my husband went and bought a battery and put it on in your lot.

She calls everyday to check on it only to be told someone will call her back and they dont!!! I was told by Waco that after the oil consumption test failed she could get a new engine put in but he must do this test first. It couldnt even make it 1500 miles.. it has sat there with nothing being done to it no one to speak to about it.

She is making 300.00 dollar car payment on this car that sits on your lot!!!

Everyone knows what needs to be done but say only Chrysler can approve it!! The car is a death trap and she is to afraid to drive the car now.the last time it did this thing she was on central expressway way and the lights all come on the car loses acceleration the steering locks up. No one in the service department will even drive it not to mention put their 77 year old mother in it and use her as a flipping crash dummy. She has an escalated case and no one is doing anything.

Is my next step to get a attorney or what..I cant believe this is being handled this way.

My husband and I both drive jeeps and recommended this car to her!!! Her name is

Judy Richardson 972-955-****


My name is Lesa Foley


I dont know what else to do!!!

User's recommendation: Do not buy a Jeep.

Monetary Loss: $900.

Preferred solution: A new power train module.

Dallas Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM Cons: Yes a bunch of conning going on there.

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It sounds like someone’s magical mouth probably made one too many magical comments that weren’t appreciated. Maybe someone needs to save it for the magic show. And by all means go pay a retainer and $300/hr to an attorney.

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Anyone can go file in small claims court for up to 20,000.. as much documentation this little old lady has will be a slam dunk along with the life time extended warranty Chrysler put out for this when they lost a class action lawsuit regarding this problem.

You let your 77 year old mother’s car sit for 22 days and no one even calls her back….while she continues to make her payments… I will continue to post and make this known everyday and start naming names!!! Buy a Jeep from them you stupid ***

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You are a coward!!! This is the only way you can say something back isn’t it as I said coward!!! Continue to suck at your job hopefully you lose it!!!!

Judy R Amt

It is not an opinion it’s a fact!!!

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