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On 07.06.13 I received a threat of legal action from CVO Fires / Spirit Fires Ltd unless I remove the post below (which is a verbatim copy of an email that I sent to the CVO on 20.10.2012).

As I only wanted a working fire rather than a court case & merely looked to vent my frustration by recounting & sharing the ongoing issues, under duress I have tried to remove my previous post. However, it appears that at this time the facility for removal of reviews is not offered by www.pissedconsumer.com . Indeed, their FAQ section states:

Q: How do I edit/remove reviews I have posted previously?

A: At present, PissedConsumer does not offer users the opportunity to edit or remove prior postings. You can add supplemental information to the review if review was created under your account. Please login into your account and go to the review to add supplemental information.

I will endeavor to contact the websites Administrators & make them aware of the situation & threats that have been made by CVO & ask that they remove my review of my dealings with this company.

Original review posted by user Jun 03, 2013

This is a direct reply to their response to my review of my dealings with them:


We purchased the fire at the end of 2011. It has never worked properly since day 1 as you will be able to see from the catalogue of emails sent & phone calls made over this period.

At first you told me it was the gas pressure. I rang British Gas, they sent an engineer out & informed me that they would not adjust the pressure because it was at the "optimum pressure".

You then went on to tell me it was oxygen starvation, I very much doubted that was the case due to the huge size of the room (it is far larger than the minimum room size as you are well aware!) but I went along with your directive & recommendation & consequently we have had a far larger hole made in the wall & a very large vent fitted, but still the fire does not work properly.(however our lounge is colder as a consequence).

Then after many more emails you agreed to send your engineer to visit. After over 3 months of waiting for his visit, he checked the gas pressure & found that it is fine, he checked the oxygen level & confirmed that it is also fine. He stood in my lounge, contacted Michelle in your "customer services department", informed her of his findings and his parting shot was that a new fire had been ordered and that I would get a call on the following Monday to confirm whether the replacement unit would be delivered to his address or directly here, either way he would be returning to swap it out.

I am over £1000 out of pocket & I still have a fire that switches itself off after less than an hour's use. Your suggestion is to leave us without a fire while you take it away. Essentially, it was the beginning of winter & after 10 months, you proposed to leave us without a fire (although it only works for a short period of time, it is still enough to take the initial chill off the room) & consequently with an unsightly aspect to the room.

These were not my only concerns regarding your last suggested course of action. The fire would most certainly have been returned to you in perfect condition as it has been hardly used (as we have had problems with it since we purchased it). Based on your company's propensity to place the blame for the issues on a variety of different factors (essentially anything except the product) I was concerned that the appliance would go to your workshop (for potentially a lengthy period, based on the level of urgency to resolve the problem witnessed so far) only for you to tell me that the problem was not the pressure, was not the oxygen levels, is not the appliance but it was in fact a fault with the installation (even though it had been installed by a gas Safe Registered Engineer), although I fail to see how that could be established once the fire has been uninstalled! The fact being, that we should have been compensated for the fact that we have not had a working fire since we bought it, have needed to make countless phone calls, write a copious number of emails, purchase two vents & pay for them to be fitted, had TRANSCO to check gas pressure, our own plumber to check the fire and your engineer, who ultimately confirmed that the fire was faulty and would be replaced.(We were subsequently informed that your engineer reported that the fire had been tampered with, a blatant lie! this is not something raised by your engineer and we can say with certainty that it has not been tampered with, only checked over by a gas safe engineer to ensure that it had been correctly installed) For over a year we have sat with what is essentially an ornament on the wall, while all of the time my £1000 + has been sat earning interest in your bank.

I honestly do not think that "the best solution is to arrange to collect your fire", I think that after everything we have been through with CVO/Spirit "the best solution" is to collect the existing fire & either replace it with one that works or give us a full refund.

This whole protracted episode has been a continuing source of stress, agitation & frustration. The unbelievable thing is that you now have the temerity to try to justify things publicly & to slate us, publicly, trying to hoodwink other unsuspecting people into buying your products. As I have said to you numerous times in the vast numbers of emails that I have sent to you at CVO Fires, all I have ever wanted is a fire that heats the room up & keeps me, my wife & our 2 young children warm...... that's not too much to ask is it? If you are able to work with me & to assist me to get this, or a replacement fire to work properly I will happily remove reviews, but thus far despite loads of emails & loads of phone calls you are clearly not interested.

If anyone doubts any of this, I am more than happy to provide copies of letters.emails etc & provide them with a full account of my dealings together video footage of our faulty CVO fire. I can be contacted through Facebook.

Monetary Loss: $1686.

Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

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Thank goodness I checked these reviews We had almost decided to buy one to replace our existing RobinWilley Quartz (spares no longer available). Thanks for review


CVO have no limits. On other review sites they have even got their personal friends & employees to write fake reviews for them to get their star rating up. Tut tut.


Hi there,

We are having the same problem with CVO as you do.

It appears that CVO will do nothing but try and push the problem to the installer or the gas supply.

We are most digusted and disappointed with this company and wish we never dealt with them.

As it stands, my client is upset with me to have spent over £3500. for a fire that does not work and it seems like there is no solution to help us make it working either.

My advice to anyone thinking of such a fire, do not do it!


I second every single word you write.They will not answer you and they blamed us for not using the fire correct.

Why oh why did I ever clap eyes on there site.I am down with stress at present through this fire.All my sympathy to you as I know just how you feel


Here's yet another "happy customer" of CVO fires:



This is no different from any companies policy, for example when my phone broke and I needed it for work, They took it away and I was without it... Just seems to me like someone has too much time on their hands and are a bit too fussy.


Being without a mobile is an inconvenience. Being without a gas fire (even if it only works for a short period of time) in the depths of a cold winter, with small children in the house & the manufacturers reserving the right to further invoice you is a different thing altogether.


Man, I am having some really bad issues with this company. I've just got off the phone to them and had to sit in a dark room for 20 mins to try and calm down. Just awful


Same here. These guys should be investigated. :(


I am with you all the way on this.I sit here my feet freezing from the vent.They could not care less they have your money now.And will not even listen to any bad comment on there so called wonderful fires.Friends don't get one listen to the voice of experience .


I have same issue they blame everyone but there fire.Im cold since we got it and it cuts out a lot.Theynever told us the oxygen levels in room turn it off when the the levels where going low.i paid £1200 .I feel like screaming.they will not answer any calls.

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