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a few bad eggs can not take away years of making brides dreams coe true with flowers........

You Made it all seem so easy! Thank you so much. My daughter loved the flowers and the basket was the best. I will tell all my friends. Again thanks!


Susan I just want to thank you for taking the time to help me with all these flowers. You took care of everything for me and I looked like the hero. She was so very pleased and she thought it took me weeks. LOL I did finally tell her I ordered them we wont discuss how little I paid. But thank you so much I hope you got the pictures. The towers were such an elegant touch I cried when we entered the hall. Thank you for all the time you spent with me for answering all my calls and emails and for the free table arrangement. It looked so pretty sitting there. Just thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Mrs. Michael Tucker

OH MY GOD! YOU DID IT! I thought the picture was nice that you sent me never could I have imagined just how beautiful these flowers were going to be. It is better then expected. More then I thought I could afford and well just perfect! Bless you


Susan they just came and they are just the best. I thought Tonya's were nice but mine are even nicer, You made my day!

Thank you,

Shelly Built Ga

LOVE THEM they came today and all I can say is wow wow wow you are the best


Susan the flowers showed up today and you did a great job! I am very pleased thank you

Linda P

What a wonderful experience we had dealing with CSC the responses and advise and help with colors I can tell you have done this a long time. Your hard work paid off for us.

Thank you do much

Stan and Maria

Hi Susan,

I received my daughter's flowers today. They are just as I imagined you did a WONDERFUL job. I can not wait to see the table arrangements. I have 2 more to marry off I will be a customer again for sure.

Thank you for all you did

Laura (Tampa)

I just can not believe the service you provided me. The flowers are so perfect. I am so glad you had me change my colors. The blue and yellow is so much better. The Alter arrangement is Great just everything is just what we planned on. I can not wait to send you some pictures for your site. Thank you thank you thank you

Chis L

I just wanted to drop you a note to say they are just what we wanted. Packing was reat to I can not believe I was so nervous.



Lita was SHOCKED when she opened the flowers. What a gift it was for me to surprise her with her wedding flowers. She was so worried we would not have enough Money or time to get then fresh, Boy was it a relief! You did a good job.

Tom B

There is so much I want to say, but I do not know where to begin. I am 1st sorry I rushed and rushed you. I had never ordered anything over the internet and I was afraid I must admit. You made my first experience a good one. You saved me over 400.00 and They are so worth it. YOU ROCK! Sorry I was such a PIA.


OH SUSAN! Thank you for everything they are GREAT PERFECT. Thank you also for the lady bug. You didn't have to do that. I wanted to let you know she cried when she seen it. A little piece of him will be with her because of you. Thank you so much.



If I would have thought they would be this pretty I would have 0rdered everything from you. You did a great job and I am so very thankful.


Susan the wedding was a smash and the flowers perfect you saved my soul. If it weren't for your express service I do not know what we would have done. I put your name and site in our program. I wish I would have used you first instead of the other one. It would have been a lot less stressful. Thank you for everything. Here is a picture for you to see and use on your site. Ken and Laura.jpg

MaryEllen L

CSC you did a great job recreating my wife's bouquet. You should have seen her face when she opened that box. She thought it was a doll. LOL was she surprised to see a re creation of her flowers. Thank you so much.

Frank T

Susan thanks for the table arrangements they were just perfect!

Hi I got the candles in the mail today and wow so elegant! Thank you


Hi Sue Tammy here just a quick note to say thank s for everything it was perfect.

Karen and Mike



OH MY GOODNESS. How could we ever thank you! The flowers you made were

Everything I had hoped they would be and so much more. The extra gift was so special to

Me. I am telling all my friends..Cant't wait for you to see our pictures. Thank you Thank you Thank you

Shellie Long



If I had a nickel for every compliment I got on my daughters flowers

I could have paid for this wedding. They were beautiful. You do a great job and I am very thankful for everything you did including the rush job,

Maryanne Lynn



I just got them and WOW you are great thank you so much



Dear Custom Silk,

I wanted to take the time to drop you a line to let you know just how wonderful the flowers are. The bridal bouquet looks so real. You can not tell it is silk. I am so glad Susan talked me out of using the blue flowers and to go with Red flowers. It is perfect.

Thank you again

Carrie G


Susan Thank you so much for all you did and the time you had to do it in. I have attached a few pics for you. The flowers were all they should have been.




Well the wedding is over the honeymoon too, but I still have the perfect bouquet to cherish for ever. Thank you so much for all the time you spent with me. I know I was bridezilla. You were kind and caring redid my bouquet 3 times and never said a word. I do appreciate what you did for me. I will spread the word for sure.

Mary May Stewart

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Message: I received my flowers today, they are perfect! Thank you soo much! Jessica


Message: Beautiful work on all the flowers and great prices as well


Message: I have been looking for silkflowers for awhile and they were all expensive.Yours are really very pretty and the best that I have seen online since I have been searching..and the price is excellent..looking forward to the day they arrive...will let others know..


Message: Hi again, I just wanted to let you know we received the rest of my daughter's wedding flowers yesterday. ( the Baby Pink & White ) My goodness, they are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !!!!!!!!!!! The first thing I looked at was the toss bouquet & it looked better than most girl's bridal bouquets !!!! So, I knew from that the rest would be gorgeous. My daughter cried...she LOVES them. We both say they're absolutely PERFECT !! And she LOVED the table arrangement too.Thank You So Very Much...not only for the wonderful work you did, but also for putting up with me & my MANY, MANY phone calls. Too bad it wasn't an ebay sale. I could have gone on forever with positive feedback. My daughter said y'all are the BOMB !! We'd love to send you pics from the wedding if you like. I want everyone to see those flowers & KNOW who made them. Thank You Again. Sincerely, Robyn




Message: I love my bouquets! They are exactly how I imagined them looking and better! I just can't believe how beautiful each one of them turned out. Can't wait till my wedding day for everyone else to see them! Will reccommend you to everyone having a wedding!! Thank-you so much!!!!


Message: The bridal packages that you have are the cheapest that I have found so far. They are really beautiful bouquets.


Message: I wanted to thank you for the lovely wedding flower package. My sister and I both loved the packages we received and have informed all of our friends about your site. Thank you for helping to make our days special.


Message: I really enjoyed viewing your site some of the most beautiful arrangements i've seen. My daughter is getting married this coming August 2005 and she's desided to use Silk Floral Arrangements and Bouquets.Her colors are White Gold and Buttercream do you have those colors? Also she wants the flowers that look like they have Raindrops or glitter on them we werent sure which it is. We're very interested in the 24 Piece Package Deal...can someone contact us so we can discuss the types of flowers she wants and if you have them,also the style of the arrangements,colors and ribbons so forth. How long does it take to complete the order so it can be shipped we'll be using Pay Pal!

Name: Leslie Jones


Message: Thank you for the lovely and quick, superb service! My flowers are all PERFECT and I received them much sooner than I thought I would. Thank you for the super fast processing...these are going to be the perfect topping to my Wedding Ceremony...will send photos!


Message: trying to place an order


Message: I just wanted to drop a little note to thank you for such a beautiful job you did on my bouquets. I am really excited about walking down the aisle with such a gorgeous bouquet. I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you so much for your skill & expertise. I appreciate everything. Thank you.




Message: I am getting married on April 9,2005 and my colors are peaches and cream, I was wondering if you have a catalog or something that I could look at. I need on bride bouquet, 2 bridesmaid, 1 mother corsage and 1 groom bountonieer 2 groomsmen and my bother-in-law that is walking me down the asile, And maybe if the price is right something for the tables.


Message: i've been looking at alot of websites containing silk flower sets and i have found that you have the best prices for what i am looking for. i would appreciate it if someone could contact me with further details and how the packages work and maybe if there is someway to view samples bigger or find out what colors are available to choose from. thank you


Hello, I just recived my flowers. They are great thank you abunch..

Sue Ellen


This is Tonya Carmichael, I recieved my flowers and they are beautiful

Hi, Susan

Just to let you know I received my flowers yesterday. They turned out so beautiful. I think I will be putting in another small order of some boutonnières and one more mothers' corsage. Do you think you will have time before the wedding on 7/7/07?

I don't know for sure yet, due to the fact they may not be coming.




Thank you for the great job on the flowers for my wedding. I received them yesterday and the pictures you sent did not do them justice. I will send you some pictures after the wedding.


I just wanted to say Thank you and tell you the flowers got here on thurseday and they were beautiful. Her wedding friday night was beautiful do partly to the flowers.

GOD BLESS you Business

Visa Sti


Thank you for the beautiful flowers. You made my wedding so much more special. I also saved a ton of MONEY. Here are a few pics.


THEY ARE SO PERFECT! Thank you so much. You did a wonderful job. Everyone loved them and the best is I still have them. Thank you again..Sylvia







the flowers were great. the wedding was last night and if i had a nickle for each compliment we got i would be wealth off today. You were great. I apprecisate all your help.

Tracey L


Dear Susan (csc),

I had to sit down and write you this day. I do not know if you will rememebr me, but I was the one who didnt want my daughter to have silk flowers for herself. I made such a stink with her. Well I have got to tell you what happened. The photographer was to come the night before the wedding and take some home pictures. So me like a dummy had the flower shop deliver her bouquet that morning. They assured me it would be fine. I had my sister bring over a seperate refridge just so I had spcae to store them in and they wouldnt get touched. Anyway the photographer came and he was just taking Bride pictures. like looking at her dress and sitting with me and so fourth. He didnt want her to get dressed up in the gown and all. Then came wedding day.He came in the morning as she was getting dressed. All the other girls 9 of them had the bouquets that you made and he asked why my daughters was so different. So she nicely told him "my mom thought I was to good for silk" we all had a good laugh. He finished up the pics and off to the church we went. Well as we got out of the car the REAL flower bouquet slipped out of her hands and on to the ground FALLING A PART. We you can only imagine all us girls trying to put this thing back together. it was such a mess. One of the bridesmaids offered up her bouquet for Chris to carry. I was crying like a baby and she was LAUGHING. She said " MOM relax I called Susan and had her make me up a Bridal bouquet. I had her send it to my house so I could save it. Tell Daddy to run to my house and get it." Well, my husband ran cross town in his tux, Grabbed the bouquet you had made, and brought it back to the church. IT WAS SMASHING.. Perfect! later during the reception my daughter said "Ma what did you pay for that bouquet from the flower shop" I said $345.00 she said " Susan made me this one for fourty" we had a great laugh......The flowers were perfect. She was sneaking and me I was a fool......I want youto know I gave her the 40.00 back LOL here are a few pics for you to share. Thank you so so so much.

Mrs. Thomas King (wink)



thanks for the great job is was a pleasure!



Susan I wanted to let you know the flowers were great. the tables were so beautiful. I wish I would have ordered everything from you guys.

Lisa D


Susan, Yes the flowers came today and OH MY GOODNESS they look so much nicer then the pics. The Bridal bouquet was breath taking and thank you for the little orchid. I will love it forever.



Greetings from AU,

The flowers arrived today and although the box was a complete and utter mess. evrything inside was spectacular. Thank you for all your hard work. It was worth the delay.

Jenette La Tore


Hi Sue,

The flowers came on Saturday and I forgot to ring you up. They were better then expected. You did a great job.

Litia B


Susan and CSC, Thank you so much for the flowers. I am sorry I was such a pain in the you know what. They are just great, the colors matched perfectly as you said. The Unity candle and the Wedding box are such a beautiful addition. Is it to late to order the table decorations. Wedding is May 10th. Let me know

Sue M


Hi Susan We just got back from Italy and I wanted to let you know that everything was devine. The flowers, the candles and the pew bows. You did a great job and I am still in shock over what you charge. Raise your prices PLEASE

Latohia W


I loved them and so did everyone else.

The were perfect, hopefully I wont do it again but if i do I'm coming back.

haha!! I got a couple friends that will get married next year and I gave

them your site. I hope they are satisfied like I was. Thank you so much!!

~recieved the bouquets! Very beautiful! I am very pleased. You should be very proud of your beautiful ideas and arrangements! I will send you some pictures of the wedding party with our beautiful bouquets! Thanks for making our occasion very special! Have a good rest of the summer, Jaime.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I just wanted to let you know that my wedding was amazing on 8-4-07 (we ordered flowers early because you were booked)!!!!! I received so many compliments on my flowers it was unbelievable! I will be sending you pictures via email as soon as I get them. Also, I will be referring you to my clients (we talked earlier and I am a wedding planner). Thank you so very much!!!


Susan, I didnt know how to leave a testimonial, so I hope this will do the trick. We got married 7/7/07. I can't tell you how happy you made me. My flowers are so beautiful. I received so many compliments, If i received a dollar for every compliment I got, well lets say, I probabaly owe you money, because my flowers were well worth the money I paid. I will let everyone I know how happy, how easy, and how inexpensive my flowers were. Thank you you are great.

Happy To be Married

Dear Susan,I just got the flowers, They are gorgeous. You did an awesome job! I'm so sorry for constantly worrying you. I didn't get the candles yet, but I'm happy just to have the flowers, I cant wait until everyone sees them.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.



I want to let you know that everyone thought your flowers were beautiful I want to thank you. Melissa




I just want to marvel on how impressed that I was on the flowers that you made. They were perfect! I could not have asked for a nicer set. They were worth every penny. I can't say enough about how pleased I was on them. Thanks again!!


Dear Susan,

my flowers came today and you blew me away. i know they would be beautiful but i never imagined how beautiful. the pics you e-mailed were great but seeing them in person. WOW. I can not thank you and your team enough. without you, i never would have been able to afford half of what i ordered. May god bless you. you are a very talented person. I know you will continue to make many future brides very happy. thank you again from the bottom of my heart. when i walk down that isle on saturday you will be in my thoughts. thank you again


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Oct 26, 2011 #364520

for every complaint you wish to run around the internet making there are hundreds of compliments none are fake all are real and we show them all on our site.

I got them and they are absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much and i will tell everyone I know who is getting married to check you out because they are amazing!!

Hi Susan I just wanted to let you know that the flowers were beautiful for our service, Thank you again for getting them done so quickly. I hope that we can use you again in the future or refer people to you.


OMG!!! They are georgus... I love them. They are perfect... They are just what I thought they would be. Thank you so much they are so pretty.




Thank you so much for making my ceremony flowers so beautiful. We were out of town when they arrived, and my father accepted them. We couldn't wait to get home and open them. They were GORGEOUS! My ceremony will be beautiful! Thank you soooo much!

We can't wait until all the other things we ordered arrive!


Hi Susan,

I realized that I had never sent pictures of my younger
... Show more

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Becky from Chi

Oct 01, 2008 #38828

So this woman who scams brides can come here and make up all of these "compliments" BS. I cannot believe she is trying to make her business sound like they deliver. Just google custom silk creations and you will find a ton of complaints. Don't fall for her bs.

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Sep 23, 2008 #36827

Beware she has a new website out there and is now selling under the name Wedding flower store- with a website of

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Aug 04, 2008 #26223 Ismaning, Bayern, Germany

You do not do what your website says. Then you try to make someone use your company by not refunding money... I really hope people will do there homework before ordering from you... I never hit the I agree thing your talking about nad it is not on the papers I printed out at time of order and yet you still will not refund my money... Sad because the flowers you have made are truly beautiful..

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Aug 03, 2008 #26157 Jalalpur, Punjab Province , Pakistan

So, the tile of this complaint is "Custom Silk Creations compliment by Sketchum" Now, if I have done my research correctlu, Sketchum stands for Susan Ketchem, who I believe is the owner of this business - I thought this was a complaint board not free advertising for businesses - It is very intersting how many of these are similar compliments and some are not even compliments, they are just general e-mails about business (colors, arrangements, please reply, trying to place an order, etc) I really think that there are places to put advertisements on the web - this should not be an advertisement site - it is for people to discuss complaints.

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