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My husband found CR England through an online search engine and was pulled in by their flashy enrolement form.He filled everything out and waited for a call back hoping he might be one of those "select few" to meet the qualifications.

Sure enough 24 hours later he did get a call back, we should have known something was up when the "Overly Nice" female recruiter ran over everything just like a tele-marketer. She pitched everything with the "it's your lucky day!" attitude and told him slots where filling up but she could reserve him a spot in their "top of the line" school today. She told him going to the school was free and they took care of all the fees and he would have a job with them after it was over, all he needed to do was pay 64.00 for the DMV licence. Well she left out the other 136.00 for everything else which he had to pay "On arival" and get this, "they could send you home right there and you don't get any of the money back." So after they bussed him out to the middle of nowhere he found out that your not ensured a job at all, they're "evaluating" if they want to hire you.

You will drive for 3-4 months "in evaluation" before they will even let you know if your an employee or not and the whole time your not getting paid for the runs, they give you 64.00 a day!. That 430.00 a week isn't yours to take home you end up with between 50.00 and 65.00 a week, they take out fees for the school your still in plus health insurance. Wait, the "free" school? Yep, it's not free at all far from it but heres the kicker, they get 8000.00 from the state for you going to "their school".

So when your "paying them back" your really just lining there pockets with extra cash. So lets say you get dropped for whatever reason, you have to find your own way back because they'll kick you out of the kennel.. I mean hotel.. your in within a hour and there isn't anything within a 20 mile radious and its 110+ degrees outside.

Now if your lucky enough to get kicked out before 5:45 in the morning you might be able to go the 20 miles and get on a Grey Hound or train for 31.00 to 50.00 bucks and that's if their kind enough to drive you back. So you go through the two weeks of speed training and now you get your cdl, if you have a family don't expect to be seeing them anytime soon because they will use you as a work horse during your "evaluation" to get as many runs out of you as they possibly can because your not getting paid for them. Hopefully your family has another source of income because your not going to be making Sh** and after your "evaluation". If they don't drop you they'll push you to take over their lease and unless your leasing they wont give you enough runs to live on.

Even after you start leasing they only give you enough runs to cover their payment its the same thing as before but now you pay for "Everything!" It wasn't my husbands fault, he just got sucked in. He took this job to put food on the table and keep a roof over the kids heads but instead they're working him to death, the kids won't see him for another 3+ months and are heart broken and now we have to go live with my mother just to make ends meat.

Bu** Sh**!CR England is a scam!!

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Actually they tell you when you arrive that you pay back over time when otr and yes when you start classes the hotel and transportation is free you only need money for food and personal items. I went to an C R England class and I wasn't changed a cent even though I was forced to leave due to a personal issue. I know that C R England in my state is good to their words maybe your husband didn't get all his info right. Js
i got hypnosiss by them
Mountain View, California, United States #961762
You. For got there are m-f Mormons I believe every word you said .I use to work for them back in 2003-2005 they clean me up they took my money and theu are a drug truckfeeking company money loundring company that's what they do
biGdude home grown cali
California, United States #910173
SO I'VE BEEN TAKLING WITH A RECRUITER ABOUT GOING TO SCHOOL FOR THEM; AND I EVEN HAVE A RECORD, AND THEY TOLD ME AS LONG AS I WAS OFF PROBATION IT DIDN'T MATTER, AND ONCE THEY HAD PROOF THEY COULD ALLOW ME TO COME TO THEIR "PAID CDL TRAINING" (17 DAYS OF PAID TRAINING, 2 MONTHS OF OTR W/AN INSTRUCTOR (PAID) AND THEN SOLO DRIVING FOR THEIR COMPANY) .... when all was said and done and I was told that "things were good to go!". I had asked "WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED, HOW MUCH WILL I MAKE APPROXIMATELY EACH WEEK AFTER THE TWO MONTHS, CAN YOU SEND ME A COPY OF WHAT I NEED TO SIGN BEFORE I COME OUT TO WHEREVER THIS PLACE IS"... AND he waited over 24 hours to tell me that I've wasted his time, and they have filled my spot due to my "QUESTIONS" ... what a waste of time. unfortunately now I have to get my felony reduced .. and wait another 6 or so months before I can go to a more reputable school. I was just looking for a freer ride. I could care less about home time, and not taking any showers... seemed like normal life to me and getting paid for it, AWESOME. I'M really bummed out. luis.gutierrez@crengland.com IS A JOKE, AND GAVE FALSE PROMISES. AND NEVER EVEN TOLD ME WHERE HE'S LOCATED. AFTER HE SAID THAT EVERYTHING WAS 'GOOD TO GO!" HE WROTE A SPEIL ABOUT THE 17 DAYS, 2 MOS OF PAID W/ MENTOR, AND SOLO DRIVING.. HE NEVER SAID WHERE I WOULD BE DRIVING TO FROM CALIFORNIA. IT'S just so frustrating. hopefully my exp can help someone else say no TO C.R.ENGLAND. DEC/3/2014 CR ENGLAND.... Show more
Trucker4 Life2
to biGdude home grown cali Downey, California, United States #929630
It's sounds like you're just mad and have no one else to blame because you're a felon and didn't meet their hiring bro. It's always good to say the truth before they run backgrounds. I'm not a lawyer or anything but I'm sure you can get sued for writing this as well. Slandering is illegal.
I've been in the trucking industry for 8 years now as of February and I know C.R england is known for having the best training. Don't go with private schools that charge you for everything. I never worked for them because I own my own truck but Ive transported some of their loads.
to Trucker4 Life2 #1124857
An England employee
Manny D
It's good to go get your cdl and leave. I am a recent graduate of their school. I think that too an extent that the school is ok, but the company (C.R. England) is a terrible one. They will *** you in money and quality home time. You will never see your family. I was recently looking and found Schneider National. They are a great trucking company to work for. They have an amazing pay rate. They also have a great work to home time ratio. I would recommend Schneider to anyone, but you have to have a decent to clean background. I hope this helps.
to Manny D Gainesville, Florida, United States #1150299
Schneider is a good trucking company and has been in business a very long time. My ex husband has worked for them I believeover 10+ years.
San Antonio, Texas, United States #578832
hello all,

I already have my license but I havn't driven in 10 years. When I did drive I only drove for 3 months. I am going to go to CR England for 1 year to gain the experience I need to come back and work for the oil companies in South Tx. I will not lease from them. Do you still think I wont make any money? I know for sure that I won't make any money the first 3 months, but after that? CR England said they would put me in a 10 day non paid program refresher, after that i would go with a trainer at 430 a week before taxes. after they deem me worthy of being solo they will release me to make between 500-600 a week. If they are such a crummy company, can you recommend anywhere else to go and apply?

Thanks, Aurora
to aurora Los Angeles, California, United States #929640
Do your homework and you'll realize that a job paying more than 600 a week require a degree. Do you have a degree?? Quit complaining and hustle for your money. I've been in trucking for 5 years and in 2014 made 107K. I own my own truck and trailer and have swift and crengland as my dispatch. When I first started I was making 300 every week. Wtf are you complaining about?
to Bg #1124860
Man. You types sure love to pull the whole quit-complaining card. I've noticed a lot of guys do that and then instantly turn into complainers the moment they find themselves impacted by something they consider a problem so I really don't take you seriously.

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