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I read all the angry stuff about C R England, and thought 'Id give them a chance" Guess what its all true.

We are picked up from Bus station and taken to a Motel (Low budget Motel). You are bussed back in forth to school in a school bus, packed like sardines. We have to provide our own food 3 meals, if you are one of the lucky ones that have a motel near a store/ restaurant or what have you, if you are not, good luck on getting any food. I saw a lot of hungry people.The first day of class we have to give our 50.00, then we go through our physical and then talk to a cop for our back ground check (which should have been done before we even got that far to school), if you pass all that, you then have 4 days of class room time, then 4 days of back up maneuver's, then 4 days of road driving, then a test, then 4 weeks maybe longer (they don't tell you that)of on the road driving with a trainer, that may or may not have a great deal of road time themselves, you then have to come back, take a test, and maybe then you are hired and get paid for your 4 + weeks on the road. If not hired do you get paid? you then have another over the road training phase 2, which consists of 8 weeks (or more) then you come back are tested, then maybe if your lucky, you can get a company truck to team with, or Lease (bad idea). All this time you still aren't making very much. I Spoke to a few Lease drivers that were Turing their trucks in, because they only received 33.00 for a month or was 180.00 in the negative,( all this once the lease, insurance, maintenance, fuel was paid.). No home time, you have to have that truck going all the time, to make money for C R England. This is America right, how can a company get by with this slavery?

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193 of 216 Cr England reviews

Nov 05, 2016 #1236900 Lafayette, Louisiana, United States

About to leave for this company in couple weeks. No experience or permit just an open mind. First time I spoke with the recruiter she sounded like a wall street stock broker. I sniffed out there deal. They want veterans for one thing and its got nothing to do with serving the country. Its because they deal with B.S. better.

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Mar 10, 2014 #793240

I'm depressed so I don't want to drive as much now.

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Mar 10, 2014 #793236

I have been with C.R England six months. They burned me on hometime so I won't train any more students until after my hometime that I've been waiting two months on to see my daughter who I haven't seen in six months.

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The Twister

Nov 06, 2013 #738714 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

I am a former student of C.R England and recently decided to come home after a hugely disappointing experience at the C.R.England school. I had two(2) "trainers" while I was trying to complete the first 20,000 miles(Phase 1)of the program. My first trainer was a Owner Operator and my second trainer was a victim of the Lease Program, and both were very unhappy with C.R.England and complained about not getting paid. I actually felt sorry for the trainer involved in the Lease Program, because WE SAT FOR FIVE(5)DAYS AT A FLYING J WAITING FOR A LOAD. He wasn't a great trainer, and had very little time to help me complete the requirements of the program. I had the opportunity to talk with other O&Os, Leasers, and students who had completed the program or were in the process. 99% of those I spoke with were unhappy, were quitting, or were frustrated with unprofessional and deceptive manner in which C.R.England operated. I quit the program and I was only there for the CDL Refresher. :upset :eek :( :cry

If you are serious about Trucking, a career in Trucking and/or in obtaining your CDL Class A license, my honest recommendation is STAY AWAY FROM C.R.England.

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Sep 13, 2013 #716660

whats going to happen when these people get in an accident because they are so tired? The things they do to these drivers is unreal. They give the wrong directions and to short of time to get there, then harrass the drivers about getting there on time. Watch out people if you are on the highway with C.R. England drivers. They are over worked way under paid and very tired. My husband doesn't even make minimum wage! Turn back now don't go to this school. Something needs to be done someone needs to take them to court!

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Aug 16, 2013 #701283 Houston, Texas, United States

:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :sigh ... Show more

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concerned citizen

Jan 20, 2013 #596118

I wonder if the Media knows about this! Tired, hungry, green truck drivers exposing us to all manner of danger and surely death. Why are these trainers allowed to take these new drivers out cross country and open Cr England to such liability and law suits. This needs to be exposed!

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Wife of hopefully new driver

Jan 20, 2013 #596101

My husband left us Dec 17th for Fontana Ca Bootcamp style training. He was so hopeful and motivated that he was willing to not be with us for Christmas. He passed Englands course and licensing and left Jan 3rd for his required 20,000 miles of driving with a trainer. I hear from him every 2 days or so, hungry, tired, mentally stressed and pissed off at his trainer. This so called trainer treats him like a slave, has him drive 10 to 12 hours per day, has him do all the dirty work, chews tabacco and is generally nasty. My husband has showered once since leaving Fontana and earns $61.00 per day which works out to less than minimum wage. He called today wanting to quit but I encouraged him to stay because of the training cost we'll have to pay back.
I don't know what to expect when he has the 20,000 miles done in about 2 weeks but I am hopeful that the yelling and disrespect stops and he is treated like a human being. it will be 6 weeks when we finally see him again and hope we aren't in for a new round of ugly surprises.

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Wife of Driver

Nov 20, 2012 #571835

I am so unhappy with my husband working for this supposed family orientated company. He always gets less days at home then they initially promised and not to mention when my brother passed away it took them 5 days to get him home! Good thing the funeral was the next week, then wanted him to come back the day after the funeral. What a crappy company to work for. When he was first starting out he had to buy his own food too and was joy Laing hardly anything, not at all what they promised him! Would not recommend this company to anyone!!!!

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angry wife

Sep 23, 2012 #545791

my hubby has gone 2 to 3 days without food at times and dont even get me started on personal hygiene..he got conned into a nine month lease...he was told they could not get him a company truck for 41 days and that he wouldnt get paid for just sitting there.. he has has to take out payday loans just to can some1 with 3750 weekly earnings owe the company money...he was also told that if he gave truck back...hed have no job...this is his 2nd and last time with england...please..... any1 considering cr england to run as far and fast as you can... :(

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Aug 10, 2015 #1018086

leasing is a bad idea if you don't know what your are doing.

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D Hutch

Aug 14, 2012 #528490

I'm a former 2nd phase student assigned to the Q fleet(two phase 2 students on same truck) and we dropped off r truck last Wednesday after being told we would be paid 00.15 per mile (they paid us 00.12), we were supposed to get a flat rate for local runs (they paid us 00.12), we were supposed to b paid for an overnight stay n Idaho (didn’t happen), they gave us a 2100 mile route and paid us for 1756 miles (they left out all of Idaho as paid miles), refused to pay us for a 746 mile run because we left the BOL, however the BOL can b picked up online by cre and their cust (they got paid though) and told us not to full up 1st on Wal-Mart loads and don't take a break or stop til we arrive! Payday is today, I'd like to c if they will pay us for the last 8 loads n 5 days!!!

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Former CRE student

Jan 13, 2012 #409145

CR England will *** on you, treat you like dirt & make you think they are doing you some kind of favor. DO NOT GO ! Hit a local school, in the end you will be glad you did.

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fany !

Dec 25, 2011 #397371

thanks for coment guyes , after i read thise coment i decided to stop start class with CR ENGLAND Driving school , almost i have 1 day left to start the school but i will call & cancel my appointment

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One of CR England's Slaves

Sep 20, 2011 #347346

Everything here is true. My husband left for CR England training at 200 lbs and returned to me months later at 170 lbs. He didn't even make enough money to feed himself. I had to put money into an account for him. This company needs to be reported to the Federal Labor Board. How can they call the drivers "Independent Owner Operators" but not allow them to run loads for another company. The Leasing "company" Horizon is really "CR England". You are a CR England Slave. My husband has returned his Leased Truck and now we are waiting to see how long they will charge us for the lease payments.

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Lagarias & Boulter

Jul 18, 2011 #314201

Our law firm is prosecuting a putative class action on behalf of lease drivers against C.R. England. I'd like to hear more about your experience with C.R. England. Lagarias & Boulter LLP. 415 460-0100 ext 112.

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Sep 30, 2015 #1041067

in oct. of 2013 I got the same song and dance. no company trucks, but we have a lease truck. I was in it 17 hours and was towed back to salt lake. I went into horizon and asked who pays for this, well you do. this started 5 months of *** with c.r. england(did you see that no caps were used you have not earned that respect). at 17 hours you have no repair fund, so what happens they take every dime out of your pay until its paid back. in 5 months my truck was in the shop 22 times. in those months I made under $2000.00. a lot of those were recall and warrenty work, knowing full well that they are going to get paid by the company. but they still take that from your check, in my case $9876.00. when the company paid c.r. england, they kept that also. when asked about it they said "oh that's our money not yours".
then I was put in a company truck, things were ok for time. then last june they gave me a safe driving award, one year accident free. then I damaged a trailer trying not to hit people came out between parked cars. I was terminated for damage to the trailer. tell me what would cost you more, the trailer or killing those people. your welcome I saved you money. one of the companies that turned me down sent me my driving records. state record, dot record, and mvr all clear. my dac report showed 4 accidents all with in that year of accident free driving. one was mine I signed it. the other 3 they signed for me. the englands claim to be men of god, but they hire people that
... Show more

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Jul 17, 2011 #313664

I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.

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Jul 16, 2011 #313325

I just book marked your blog on Digg and StumbleUpon.I enjoy reading your commentaries.

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Jul 16, 2011 #313318

Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.

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