We got a lab puppy from her a few years ago and we were told she didnt know the r mom was pregnant until she gave birth to the litter. We were told she was half field lab and half English lab.

We always thought she couldnt be full lab because of many characteristic she had. She has a curly tail which is impossible if the dog is full lab. She also had a weird indent on the top of her head (like a Pit Bull). She also started bulking up last year and looking more like a Pit Bull.

Turns out shes only half lab and part Rottweiler, Pit Bull, and Poodle. We knew she lied about it and now e have the proof. Also, last year we had to pay well over $1000 because her dew claws were never properly removed by Jess and was growing under the skin for over 2 years which caused it to become extremely infected and required surgery.

When I contacted Jess about it, she admitted she took them to a backyard farm vet and could hear the puppies screaming during the procedures and was doing it anyway. She needs to stop breeding and be arrested.

User's recommendation: Stay far away from her.

Location: Bothell, Washington

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