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My husband ill-advisably joined this right wing nut [almost anarchist] book club because he wanted an Economics book for free. He did not check out the offensive government hating books that were the monthly selections. Now we are trapped and forced to buy 4 books in two years or according to Lou, the person I spoke with, "They would take action at the end of two years".

My complaint is I bought 4 of the cheapest books they had to fulfil our obligation and it popped up that sale books do not count. I placed the online order at 9:25am and searched frantically and there is no phone number, even anywhere on the Internet, so at 9:32 I emailed customer service, putting the time of order, order number an time I was writing and said to cancel the order right away that we def. didn't want it.

No reply. At noon they debited our checking. I send another really pissed off email and no reply.

I got an email from Lou this am, basically saying the order had been invoice when they finally got around to reading my email hrs later and they wouldn't credit us for any reason. I told him we were extremely unhappy with their club, and was furious that they didn't furnish a phone number so I could have canceled the order right then. He said, "We do not want customers to call us, it costs us more money".

We argued and I said I'd been in customer service for 40 years and a reputable company would just allow us to cancel the account since we are so against their books that are offered and he said, "You sound like a Liberal, everyone should be given what they want and be happy". I couldn't believe it. I tol him I was now sure his company was run by Nazi's.

Anyway, We are pissed, our checking is debited $36 for books we will put in a garage sale and our credit will be dinged when we refuse to purchase books from this *** company. I'd stay far away unless you too relish the idea of criticizing every political figure who isn't a Bill O'Reily fan.

This company does not care about it's members as evidenced by deliberate omission of a phone number and by its reps attitude and insults.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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Read the fine print dingo lefty.


Mark, are you sure you aren't LOU?? :grin



YOU sound like the owner/operator of the Conservative Book Club.

Unfortunately, my experiences with the Conservative Book Club make me as angry as Karojen.

Their business practices are fundamentally and ethically bad. I have returned every response form on time, weeks in advance of their due dates. Yet, on at least six (6) occasions they have shipped out the main selections that I refused. They then subsequently mailed me statements for payments for books I returned.

Last month, I once again shipped back an unwanted, unauthorized package. I then ordered my final book from the next catalog. In response, they sent me a threatening letter. I am going to my post office on Monday to file a formal complaint.

I believe they are breaking interstate commerce laws as well as laws regulating the use of the postal service. In my opinion, they are committing extortion against me at this moment.


You sound like a left wing lunatic who is consumed with hatred.