Longside, Scotland
Not resolved

Whe the two dog toothbrushes eventually arrived from China it was clear they were very poor quality. My small border terrier had one in a lot of small dangerous pieces in ten minutes.

The company agreed to a refund but despite my emails over a number of weeks, no refund was forthcoming.

After contacting the PayPal resolution service a refund appeared in a matter of days. I think I'd still be waiting if PayPal hadn't helped

Product or Service Mentioned: Conscious Pets Pet Toothbrush.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Open a dispute with bank or credit card... don't give up. When I told them what I did, the tone of the reply changed.


I filed a dispute with my bank. You can use their email against them.

I have an email trail. Hopefully, they will get their just rewards. I also bought their milo activation bouncy ball. It had nodules that you could pull off with your fingertip.

1 nodule went missing, and I was livid. I also filed a complaint with Consumer Safety Commission