Minot, North Dakota
Not resolved

File a dispute with bank or credit card company. Then file a complaint with Consumer Safety Commission.

We need to engage this company with the tools available. DON'T GIVE UP

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I ordered three items for my dog and they arrived within seven days. BUT the quality was the worst.

I have seen better quality in Dollar General. I paid over $70 and I filed complaint earlier with my bank because of all the negative feedback. I will demand a refund.

Thanks for posting your comments! It really helps consumers!!!


I’m going to approach PayPal for a refund I expect it will be a mission but I’m really angry and these people must know ygst they cannot treat consumers with this disregard conscious pets pretend to be situated in Denmark but are in fact based in China ...which is false advertising at the start. The fact that they send marketing emails even after your hours have not been received or your complaints addrsssed is laughable

@Brenda Firmani

Good luck...I just got an email from pissed consumer that Concious Pets complaints have gone up 10 percent in the last 24 hours

@Patricia Siveny

I took my complaint up with Paypal. Very easy to do and today had notification that Conscious Pets have refunded.

Their ad also popped up on Facebook and I put a scathing comment on and also shared with a message. Do everything.

Erin G
@Brenda Firmani

Thank you for your review I wish I had read it before I had wasted my money. Don't deal with Chinese companies they will rip you off every time.

They did rip me off I purchased in October it's January 25th I still don't have my product or my money. We need to stop dealing with Chinese companies.

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