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10/25/23 Here in Las Vegas, NV. at Eastern Ave.

& Russell Rd. there's a ConocoPhillips gas station woman manager who goes out of her way to insult your customers by accusing them of various bad acts when in this store.

She verbally attacked me, and accused me of leaving the bathroom in disarray & that's a lie.& she refused me entrance to the bathroom, 2 days ago, & also said she will refuse to sell me gas. I'm a 73-year old woman who's lived here in Vegas for 50 yrs., & been a regular customer at this ConocoPhillips Gas station for years, & before ConocoPhillips bought it.

It appears to me that you have a problem getting competent Managers at this store as I think the one that's there now is the fourth one you've hired since your opening several years ago, if she continues to call customers names, and refuse them service, then you will loose many regulars in my age group. Contact me at phn.702-327-**** to discuss my legitimate complaint please, as this is a serious issue.

Sincerely, Susan Wade

User's recommendation: Don't give this ConocoPhillips Gas station your business, nor use the bathroom within this store, until they hire a competent manager there.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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"many regulars in my age group. " No one cares.

How much longer do you have anyway?

No one is calling to "discuss" (AKA waste time listening to you) lie by omission and not tell what you do to get this dynamic rolling. Go somewhere else and move on with what life you have left .

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Agree. I can only imagine how bad the bathroom looks after her.

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10/26/23 What horrible things to say to a Senior Citizen. What is wrong with you, that you should say such Hateful things.

I always clean all bathrooms before, & after I use them everywhere I go because that's what I was taught to do from a young age." Leave it better than you found it." is what my parents taught me. You sound like the Manager of this ConocoPhillips Gas station, as you asked..." how much longer do I have anyway"? My reply to you is the same back to you. & No one is promised tomorrow, no matter what age you are.

You, are a bully who thinks you can abuse the elderly, and get away with it, but you can not. If I have to walk to the Corporate offices of ConocoPhillips to report your abuse of customers, so be it, but your not getting away with this.

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"You sound like the" Oh no, not another version of "you must work for them." You see this lame retort when a comment doesn't meet the OP's banal narrative. The concept is simple, the gas station is NOT your home.

If you want things your way, go home or hand out with your boomer cronies and whine about the youth. You've had your time. It's time for you to pack it in and watch TV all day and stay out of the way of people who want to have a reasonably happy day without some old goat coming through and ruining it for them. P.S Boomer....."Corporate" is a laptop in someone's work-from-home setup.

It's designed to give coots like you the impression you're really doing something when you call in.

You do not matter anymore. So, if you plan on walking, be sure to use the facilities at home first.

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a Senior Citizen-who has probably been a raging k h u n t all of her life?

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