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Now that I am a customer and no longer an employee, I can offer this one star for Connect to *** Colorado. I didn't think I had a reason to write this review until I got a $633 bill today from Denver Health for the one month of coverage I enrolled in until my new employer coverage started, plus another month. I cancelled this plan when I realized I also had Medicaid. It shouldn't have been active at all.This organization is so stupid they do this to people all the time. Simultaneous enrollment is a huge problem that can result in penalties when you have to pay back the tax credit you received because you had Medicaid and a marketplace plan with a tax credit. Denver Health billed the full premium without tax credit, and I don't even think it is the correct amount for the plan I selected. I'm just waiting for 1095-A season, when that gets f*kd up too. I used to help customers fix these problems!

On May 24th, 2023, a press release from Bloomberg news announced "Connect for Health Colorado has been recognized as one of the most financially secure, efficiently-run, and innovative healthcare exchanges in the nation and now the partners plan to explore how their policy, operational and technical expertise - coupled with proven development and implementation capabilities -may assist other states and exchanges as they undergo their own


I saw this just before I quit my job at Connect For Health Colorado, and I laughed, and laughed, and laughed as I pondered in what alternate dimension most of that statement is true. While I don't doubt that the Colorado Benefits Exchange is one of the most "financially-secure" state insurance exchanges in the country, but "efficiently-run"? Recognized by who?

Here are just a couple of examples of how fellow Yelpers recognize Connect For Health Colorado: "the company who runs the website should be barred from any government contract or business to protect humanity from gross incompetence inflicted on people forced to deal with them."

My favorite reviewer of my former employer said that rather than call Connect for Health Colorado one more time he would rather stand two hours in line at the DMV, walk out, slam his penis in a car door. "Not a modern lightweight Honda door. A big heavy *** of a 1960's Cadillac door."

Regarding Connect for Health Colorado's alleged technical expertise, while speaking to customers I can't tell you how many times I heard the question: "Why does the website break every year during open enrollment?"

In my next STAR format interview for a $20 an hour customer service job when they ask about a time that I went above and beyond for a customer I will tell them about that one time I talked to one too many Connect For Health Colorado customers about how we f*kd up their family's insurance while they were dealing with a major medical issue such as a brain tumor, traumatic brain injury, heart attack or stroke or how without access to their coverage they couldn't afford a prescription that keeps them alive and how I became sleep deprived from the endless overtime, and the phone calls that haunted me throughout my six-hour sleep window resulted in me sending delirious and desperate emails to government officials about what's going on at the Colorado Marketplace when thousands of people were without access to active health insurance throughout January and February, and some on into March and April of 2023.

All I have to say is if you need marketplace insurance, good luck with open enrollment 2024!

Read the rest of these reviews, and you'll see over time Connect for Health Colorado is an organization that never learns from its mistakes. Just know that it doesn't matter, because it's a state-operated monopoly. In 2022 they helped contribute to Big Insurance's $1.25 trillion earnings. They help keep stakeholders and shareholders happy to the tune of $69.3 billion.

If you aren't happy with this organization, definitely reach out to your state representative!

User's recommendation: Write to your senator.

Monetary Loss: $633.

Preferred solution: A new healthcare system in America .

Connect For Health Colorado Pros: Some nice people work there.

Connect For Health Colorado Cons: Horrible technology, Horrible customer service, Cost, Evil.

Location: Ural'sk, West Kazakhstan Region L01, Kazakhstan

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