Silver Spring, Maryland
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This may be the very worst product that I have ever come across. If you look far in posted reviews, you will find several that are clearly written by Congoleum marketing people. DON'T FALL FOR IT!

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I had alot of this product installed 3 years ago. It looks great the day the installer leaves. And it will stay that way if you don't live in your house. After 3 months, I noticed bubbling and peeling around the edges of the tiles. I called the installer, they agreed that it was not right and the floor was replaced by Congoleum. So far, so good.

Within 6 months of the 2nd installation -- same problem. Congoleum says that it is my fault that the tiles are peeling. I will tell you that there is not alot of traffic on the floor behind my toilet! Not sure how I could have caused peeling on those tiles!

Also, be sure that you never drop anything, or wear shoes when walking on this floor. I dropped a silicon spatula and dented the floor in the kitchen. After it dents, the top layer then peels off -- I guess that was my fault, I should not have been so clumsy as to drop a spatula in my kitchen.

My floor has bubbling and peeling, dents and scatches everywhere. I vacuum and wetmop it daily to keep it clean, but that has not helped. I have felt glides on every peice of furniture and they are changed regularly but this is not enough. The Congoleum warranty covers fading -- not a huge issue -- but not the real problems that occur with living in a house with flooring that was sold as a great alternative for KITCHENS and baths.

Bottom line - if you live, walk, cook, or sit in your house - do not fall for this product.

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Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #935764

Holds dirt, cracks/scratches easily and grout is cracked. Had to replace a few tiles and can only find 1 gallon buckets of grout at $69 each. Called Congoleum consumer line got no answer.

scott rudisill

we had about 250 square feet of duraceramic laid recently.bottom line is WE LOVE IT.

no problems at all. No its not a product for you if you: 1)have kids that roller skate in the kitchen.

2) play mumbly peg in the kitchen 3)wear mountain climbing crampons in the house 4) play lawn darts in the house or work on batteries in your kitchen.BUT if you use the floor like its suppose to be used, it will treat you well.

vinyl floor installer

I've been installing these floors since they came out.I've done literally hundreds of rooms with them, and I HAVE NEVER ONCE heard any complaints of the kinds written here.

I have no affiliation with Congoleum, and I also install vinyl tiles by Armstrong, Nafco, Mannington, and others - so I have no reason to lie here, but I really have to wonder about these other folks. I am strongly suspicious that they either have a vested interest in some other flooring materials OR they did something VERY wrong INSTALLING these tiles. I almost NEVER find defects in the tiles. If I do I use them where they don't show or as 'cuts'.

My advice - if you find a design you like with this product, buy with confidence!Remember the thousands of people who love these floors DON'T POST HERE.


Our Duraceramic shows wear in many spots(lost the finish and color). This was installed in June. Installer coming our next week!!


We are having the same problem with Congoleum!It is peeling in all over the floor and one large area that is fading.

Oh course they say it is our fault. This is not the case.

This is a manufacturing defect!They have offered to give us new tile with no installation cost as good will.

happy customer

I have had duraceram in my bathroom for 2 years. It looks beautiful, is warm underfot and I have not had any peeling, fading or dings.

frustrated consumer

if anyone is still considering duraceramic flooring what is it you don't understand about DON'T DO IT!

Does anyone have any ideas of what I could use to cover white spots on my floor where the color terra cotta has worn off?


We had duraceramic installed about five years ago, we have tall wooden kitchen stools with plastic feet, our two boys weigh less than 100 lbs each and under the stools the top layer of the tiles is worn away so there are white spots, the higher traffic areas also show general wear, I wish we had purchased ceramic tiles instead


I don't understand these postings - I have samples right now (looking to have installed) and I just pounded on one with a fork and not a scratch dent or chip. Maybe these people got bad batches and I just have some great samples? Plus the samples I have, have a dimple texture so I don't think I'd even notice a dent or scratch if I could make one.


About 5 years ago Congo laid off (fired) its quality control department and switched their duties to the production foremen.The production foremen rely on their production numbers to keep their jobs so any quality defect is swept under the rug and the product flies out the door.

QC used to check for visual defects every hour and physical defects every half hour of production. The "QC" inspection now consists of checking 9 cartons of product after a 24 hour production run. Instead of catching defects during a run and correcting the defect in process after losing a few hundred cartons of product, Congo now checks for defects the next day after after thousands of of cartons product has been produced.

Do you honestly believe a manufacturer is going to hold up or scrap thousands of cartons of already manufactured product?Enjoy your Caongoleum floor!!!

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