Cold Spring Advisory Group Claims to help investors get money back from stockbroker fraud or wrongdoing. They say call them and they will help you for an upfront fee and a percentage of the money they recoup.

Sounds great! Well Truthbetold, Here is who owns Cold Spring Advisory, he stole your money once, don't let him do it again.


More Than 10 Disclosures in 8 years, PERMANTLY BARRED and thats just a start see the link:


He has over $600,000.00 in liens and judgments BUT he has already filed bankruptcy in 2010, so he cant do it again.

WAIT, how could he file bankruptcy when he lives at

20 Tall Oak Crescent Syosset NY 11791

4661 square foot, 5.5 bathroom

Well He's in Foreclosure:

Foreclosure Information

AUG 25 2014

Home in default

The owner of this property has been served a Notice of Default.

But He sure is living the high life on your money!

Here's Where he stole it FIRST at his firm EKN Financial Services:





THATS RIGHT !!! THE SAME GUY, LOUIS OTTIMO who STOLE your money at EKN Financial is now trying to take your money again!

If YOU Lost money with EKN Financial contact a REAL ATTORNEY, SUE LOUIS OTTIMO who is living it up and laughing all the way to the bank. He may be barred, but you can still go after him!

BANKRUPTCY??? not in that house, so if he REALLY had to file bankruptcy, where is the money coming from?

Can Anyone say FRAUD?

Tax Evasion, Bankruptcy Fraud, Fraud at his brokerage firm EKN

What was he doing with YOUR MONEY?

If you called COLD Spring Advisory, do yourself a favor CALL SOMEONE ELSE.



Louis Ottimo and Cold Spring Advisory, Stole confidential information and also bought confidential information from people who STOLE it !!!

That's right ! Social Security Number , Date of Birth, Income, Bank Info and more.

Here's a current lawsuit:


How did hey get your number? How did they know. many barred brokers who were thrown out of the financial services Industry just like Louis Ottimo are calling YOU from Cold spring advisory.

You wouldn't know because they use fake names or alias.

Many of the same people that used to work for that tan guy with the pearly whites and a smile to rob you blind may have lost or stole your money or caused you harm

In fact Louis Ottimo is hiring his EX SUPERSTARS and top producing Broker CROOKS and having them call You with fake names....to help you of course.

COLD SPRING ADVISORY , LOUIS OTTIMO AND his BAND OF THIEVES that have been barred from the securities industry are going to Help you pay a fee of $7500, PLUS filing fee's and THEN give up 30- 50 % of any winnings or settlements?


COLD SPRING ADVISORY AND LOUIS OTTIMO"S NEWEST SCAM IS settling in CASH with broker and telling the client there is NOTHING that can be done. They take your fee, take the Broker's money, and LOU OTTIMO Gets to enjoy that lovely pool for one more summer.

People, if you lost money and want to seek help you can contact plenty of reputable attorneys who will do right by you.

But Louis Ottimo is Cold Spring Advisory. He is the dog that bit you ONCE, Don't let this scam artist get you again.

Reason of review: total scam, promised results and kept my money. Instead of helping me, they took more of my money.

Monetary Loss: $12500.

Preferred solution: Have Law enforcement put this crook in Jail where he belongs.

Cold Spring Advisory Group Pros: Promise to help me.

Cold Spring Advisory Group Cons: Taking my money saying its not refundable to read my contract, Refundable, To read my contract, I lost 12500.

Location: New York, New York

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please contact me bill weller 631-463-****



INDEX NO. 653483/2014




COLD SPRING ADVISORY GROUP LLC, CHRIS MARINO, WILLIAM HICKEY, KIERAN RODGERS, FRED AMATO, LOUIS OTTIMO, ANTHONY OTTIMO, SR., CRAIG WEISS, WILLIAM WEISS, JOHN DOES 1 through 10, and JOHN DOE ATTORNEYS 1 through 10, (Copy & Paste) Link: http://pdfserver.amlaw.com/cli/affidavit/oca_affidavit_653***_****_*.pdf


The post in questions is not a customer of ours, nor do his claims constitute an actual customer experience. The author of this complaint is believed to be someone who is not a client of Cold Spring Advisory Group and is taking the time to submit these reviews out of a personally-held vendetta.

Cold Spring Advisory recently named John L. Parmigiani, the president and CEO of EJ Sterling, a broker-dealer located at 40 Broad Street in New York City, and his firm in a complaint on behalf of a client who lost over $43,000 and was charged in excess of $21,000 in commissions within an 8-month period. We believe he may by the author in question of this post.

Furthermore, the claims made by the author of this are absolutely baseless.

As this is in no way a client of Cold Spring Advisory Group there is no contract or $12,500 as stated in the demands of the complaint. This “report” is obviously void of specifics relating to any case, and is clearly an attempt to smear the reputation of Mr. Ottimo and his family, taking a “shotgun approach” with outrageous defamatory statements.


Parmigiani has worked in the securities industry for 18 years and has been employed by 9 different firms, 2 of which have been expelled by FINRA (Harrison Securities, Inc. and Prestige Financial Center) and 3 others are no longer licensed and their registrations with FINRA have been terminated (First Asset Management, Inc., Ladenburg Capital Management, Inc. and S.W. Bach & Company).

See Here:

http://brokercheck.finra.org/Firm/Summary/16569 http://brokercheck.finra.org/Individual/Summary/2800410 http://brokercheck.finra.org/Individual/Summary/270014 http://brokercheck.finra.org/Individual/Summary/5843824 http://brokercheck.finra.org/Individual/Summary/4692991 http://brokercheck.finra.org/Individual/Summary/4187935 http://brokercheck.finra.org/Individual/Summary/3258848 http://brokercheck.finra.org/Individual/Summary/2909556 http://brokercheck.finra.org/Individual/Summary/6062618 It is also of great importance to note that: -Louis Ottimo does not own Cold Spring Advisory Group, has never declared bankruptcy and his house is not in any stage of foreclosure. -Cold Spring Advisory Group does not have anyone’s Personal Confidential Information (PCI) such as social security numbers, bank account information, income information or dates of birth unless it has been provided by a client for the purposes of preparing their case for FINRA Arbitration. Cold Spring Advisory Group will continue to monitor the internet for any and all attempts to defame, harass, or otherwise intimidate our firm, our clients, and our consultants.

Thank You. -Cold Spring Advisory Group.


but he is a *** bag all the same just like his father


Hmm, we'll doing my own research I've come across a lot of filings and articles that support what anonymous states about Louis Ottimo, as well as a recent action by National Securities against Cold Spring Advisory listed in the New York Law journal. So while you want to sling mud against someone you alledge wrote the first post, I couldn't care who he is, I've learned who you are and will continue to investigate this.


BTW, I did some looking in EJ Sterling that you listed, and Glassdoor has them rating 3.8 out of 4 stars. So.


Julian, some helpful links on your journey for information. There is a current civil case filed in New York against Cold Spring Advisory Group alleging that they are acting on ill gotten client information through illicit means.

This would be an extremely severe crime both in the State of NY, and the Financial Industry. Furthermore, the assumed Controller of Cold Spring Advisory Group is, Louis Ottimo, who was barred from the financial industry, which stipulates that he cannot associate with any broker dealer or entity registered with both FINRA and the SEC. This is where it gets interesting. Just recently the SEC and FINRA have issued newsletters directly addressing the murky industry of "investment recovery" companies, and advising against any company calling to solicit an arbitration claim.

Presumably both US government arms (FINRA/SEC) are investigating Cold Spring Advisory Group and similar entities.

Civil case found here:


Louis Ottimo civil indiscretions: (copy paste link below)


click tab ("defendant") search "louis ottimo" Lastly to arrive at the their track record which they charge upwards of $25,000 to start, and a multitude of fees along the way plus a 50% contingency. (copy and paste below) http://www.finra.org/arbitration-and-mediation/arbitration-awards-online?keyword=cold+spring+advisory http://www.finra.org/arbitration-and-mediation/arbitration-awards-online?keyword=hilton+wiener http://www.finra.org/arbitration-and-mediation/arbitration-awards-online?keyword=ekn


I would say this would prove the contrary.

Forclosure fully submitted as of 8.9.2016 with NO OPPOSITION.

Plaintiff seeks "ORDER OF REFERENCE" aka: Taking the home and property.

WebCivil Supreme - Appearance Detail

Court: Nassau Civil Supreme

Index Number: 008250/2014

Case Name: U S BANK N A vs. OTTIMO,LOUIS Case Type: Res Foreclosure Fsc Eligible Track: Standard Appearance Information: Appearance Date Time On For Appearance Outcome Justice / Part Comments Motion Seq 08/09/2016 Motion Fully Submitted - No Opp FORECLOSURE SETTLEMENT CONF PT MOTION FORECLOSURE PART CHAMBER 001 05/04/2016 Supreme Trial Inactive Pending Future Filing FORECLOSURE SETTLEMENT CONF PT FORECLOSURE-SP SETTLEMENT CONF 04/16/2015 Supreme Trial Fsc - Not Settled (U) FORECLOSURE SETTLEMENT CONF PT FORECLOSURE-SP SETTLEMENT CONF 9:30 AM 02/05/2015 Supreme Trial Fsc - Continued (R) FORECLOSURE SETTLEMENT CONF PT FORECLOSURE-SP SETTLEMENT CONF 2:15 PM 01/27/2015 Supreme Initial (first time on) Fsc - Continued (U) FORECLOSURE SETTLEMENT CONF PT FORECLOSURE-SP SETTLEMENT CONF 2:15 PM


His lawyers are ***


Here is a little more NY court history of Mr. Louis Ottimo.

Court: Nassau Civil Supreme

Index Number: 006702/2009


Case Type: Foreclosure

Track: Extremely Complex RJI Filed: 06/22/2009 Date NOI Due: NOI Filed: Disposition Date: 03/05/2012 Calendar Number: Jury Status: Justice Name: FORECLOSURE PART Court: Nassau Civil Supreme Index Number: 020811/2009 Case Name: LAKE PARK 135 CROSSWAYS PARK vs. OTTIMO, LOUIS Case Type: Other Track: Complex RJI Filed: 01/06/2010 Date NOI Due: NOI Filed: Disposition Date: 03/17/2016 Calendar Number: Jury Status: Justice Name: ROY S. MAHON Court: Nassau Civil Supreme Index Number: 004298/2010 Case Name: HELFANT, LAWRENCE vs.

OTTIMO, LOUIS Case Type: Other Track: Standard RJI Filed: 07/03/2012 Date NOI Due: NOI Filed: Disposition Date: 03/22/2016 Calendar Number: Jury Status: Justice Name: R. BRUCE COZZENS JR. (DCM) SUPREME COURT OF TIIE STATE OFNEWYORK COIJNTY OF NASSAU P RE SENT: HON. JEITREY S.BROWN JUSTICE -'-----x TRIAL/IAS PART 16 3RD ENIERPRISES, LLC, Plaintiff(s)' -against- LOUIS OTTIMO' ANTHONY OTTIMO and THOMAS GIUGLIANO, Defendant(s).

INDEX # 8152/13 Mot Seq. 2 Mot Date 7.14.14 Submit Dete 7.14.14 x The following papers were read on this motion: Notice of Motion, AfEdavits (Affirmations), Exhibits Annei(ed'.""""-""'Papers NumberedPlaintiffmoves pursuant to CPLR 603 to sever the action andclaims against defendantThomas Giugliano and plainliffto enter judgnent againS defendants Louis Ottimo andAnthony ottimo. It appears ftom a review ofthe documontation presented that all necessarypartieshave been served with notice of this application, and further, that the relief requested isappropriate. By order of this court Brown, J, August22,2013) summary judgnent in lieu ofcomplaint was granted against all three defendants in the amount of$875,000 together with costand interest from February 1,20 1 3 .

On or about September 3 0, 20 I 3 counsel for plaintiff received notification that defendant Thomas Giugliano filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy protectionin the Eastem District of New York (case number 8-13-7****'ast)' As a result an automatic stayis in effect. "It is well settled rhat [t]he automatic stay provisions of the Federal bankruptcy laws "do not extend to non bankrupt codefendants" Maynard v. George A. Fuller Co.,236 A'D.2d 300 see also Golden v.Moscowitz, 194 A.D.2d 385 U993]; Centrust Servs' Inc'v.

Guterman,160 A.D'2d 416 ****]; l1 USC $ 362 [a][l] While, rmder certainciroumstances, an automatic stay maybe extended to non-debtors (see e.g. Teacherc Ins. & Annuiy AssnAm. v.

Btttler, 803 F'2d 61 [1986]; Thomson Kernaghan & Co. v.Globat htellicom, Inc., 200OWL 640653, 2000 U.S. Dist. LEXIS6650 [S.D.N.Y.,2000]; ll USC The reoord is devoid of any evidence that such circumstances aro present here" (MerrillLynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith v Oxford Venture Pattners LLC,13AD3d 89 [ls DePt 2004]).

In this case, howover, there is no evidence that the non-bankupt codefendantscontributed to debtor's efforts to achieve rehabilitation (see Thomson Kernaghan & Co. V GlobalIntellicom, Inc., supra), and, as a result the automadc stay does not apply to the non-filingcodefendants. Therefote, the requested relief is appropriate. Submit amended judgment on notice.This constitutes the decision and order ofthis court.

All applications not specificallyaddressed herein are denied. Dated: Mineola, New YorkJuly 28, 2014 Attorney for Plaintiff Baker Greenspan & Bernstein Esqs.2099 Bellmore Avenue Bellmore, NY 11710

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