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This is junk dentistry, they don't fix any problems, they ignore what you tell them, and my mouth is much worse off than it was before I went to them. I had my lower teeth removed by them because I had an infection that my dentist couldn't seem to fix, so I decided this was a good option.

WRONG, they put in a plate with four implants, it's hard to clean, the plate doesn't fit my jawline and the right side teeth are angled out, toward my cheek. Every time I speak at my normal rate I *** my cheek. I told them about this and they had me return multiple times, my round trip driving was 80 miles, so it was a pain. They removed the teeth from the titanium base and reapplied them, that's what they told me anyway, but when they put them back in my mouth the right side teeth were again angled out.

I was very upset at this time and told them they had to fix this, that I couldn't live like this.

They didn't care, they just kept telling me to come back and they would drill off some of the bothersome spots, but I ended up with a roller coaster looking lower teeth and it still didn't fix them problem. DONT USE CLEAR CHOICE, THEY WILL RUIN YOUR MOUTH.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $26000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Clear Choice Cons: Teeth product misrepresented, Teeth products misrepresented.

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I had a wonderful experience with Clear Choice in Edina, MN and would do it again if I had to! My mouth had to get used to the different CORRECT shape and alignment of the new teeth/bridges but it only took a short time and a few bites of the inner cheek. They are like real teeth and worth every penny in my opinion.


Do any of you know if you signed an applicant authorization regarding payment information and loan application. Second, was there a truth in Lending Disclosure from NBT BANK LAST was there a Loan Disclosure in your packet?

This was on my first day at my consultation. I don't remember signing these documents. I was not given a copy of what they say I signed that day. That was 8/15/18.

On 11/26/18 they sent me paperwork that they said I signed. Now I'm stuck with $31K loan through Lending Club. I would never, ever have signed a loan with a 19.9% interest rate.

The loan was sent to my credit report dropping my FICO FROM 722-543. I'm in trouble


Contact the Dental Board...Dentists hate that.


I filed a complaint with the board of dentistry. Clear choice terminated my care because of it.

The BOD is a joke.

The ADA has higher standards. But the dentist has to be a member of the ADA.


UPDATE; I wrote this review and have totally changed my mind. Yes, I got the best prosthodontist there is, her name is Remi Elkattah and I love her.

She took a person [me] who was ready to sue them and totally changed my opinion.

She listened to me, to my complaints and fixed every complaint I had. I would give her a 10 out of 5.


What location


How far away did you have to go to get a dentist to say clear choice did a bad job? You can NOT sue without one willing to.

Clear choice knows that. That's why they get away with ruining so many people's lives. I live in Oregon.

I would have had to go to Burbank California to get one. (dentist stick together) even a honest dentist will not throw another dentist under the bus.


I won’t be going there!! Sorry for your mayhem, but thanks for the WARNING!


I was going to Clear Choice in Dallas, TX for a consultation but after reading all the awful reviews, I might just have to get traditional dentures which I most definitely didn't want or just stay as I am with my few front teeth. My 17 month grandson has more teeth than I . :(


There are other dental practices that offer similar services. Go to your dentist they can recommend an oral surgeon and a lab that can restore your teeth!