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I went there because the advertise free consultation that is a lie they shove a credit application for you to sign so that their bank can finance you then they do not tell you how much it be until you sign then when their bank denied you they show you two prices one will cost $43,000 and the other will be dentures for 24,000 dollars, these are the ones you can take out of your mouth. my loss cost me a thousand dollars plus gas to get over their.

$1,000.00 for same dam x-ray that suppose to be free right along with the free consultation.

they did not show me an itemize statement or brochure how much those dam x-rays gonna cost me stay away form clear choice. those crocks

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I just came back from my free evaluation and consultation with Clear Choice and it didn't cost me one red cent. If I want to proceed, I will have to give them a $1000 deposit.

I can also finance for two years at zero percent interest.

Naturally, the total cost must be paid off at the end of the two years. I haven't committed yet but am seriously thinking about this.


You shouldn't have paid the $1,000 for the exam if you couldn't afford the treatment. Don't lie to everyone you dumb a55!


:roll how am I ruin this country as far as my education level does not have any thing to do with the fact that I was not told ahead of time of the cost. I did not go to the doctor for breast implants I have a perfect 42DD breast size, and they are real.

maybe you should learn how to read I went for teeth implants not breast implants you are the ####%$$@ ***. it just so happen I posted this information was to help and prepare someone else so that they want have to waste their time and money.

as for the grammar I was very upset and I did not do a spell are grammar check. *** you suck


I dont really believe you about your ***. In town we all know you as the woman that ties them up in a knot to walk around.


The price was for breast implants you ***!


if you read other complaints u would have seen they was being charge from $30,000 to $50,000, for teeth implants not breast implants. are u employed by CLEAR CHOICE.

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