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I had horrible teeth...all were broken, had 7-8 already remaining intact teeth were waiting to break. I knew I needed extensive work, but had developed an intense dread of dentists.

I needed everything done all at once or I knew i wouldnt go back. I saw a commercial for ClearChoice & had done some research. I saw many poor reviews and horror stories for centers in Texas & east coast, but never for San Diego. I contacted Clear Choice in San Diego for my consultation, knowing some of the complaints about ClearChoice.

I received a quote of $24,000.00 for extraction of all remaining teeth upper & lower, all on four implants on the lower jaw, & full denture on the upper jaw. End of August 2014 I had my procedure done & left with a gorgeous smile. They have worked with me multiple times in regards to my being late for appointments (they were the closest office...only a 3 hour drive through Los Angeles). I have had minimal pain.

My greatest pain comes from my upper denture which i dont feel has ever fit properly...they must have done the impressions for it while i was under...or used the impression they took when i had teeth up there. I still only have the immediate load or temporary implant on the bottom...i get my permanent implants June 2015. I have eaten (carefully) almonds, and other nuts, crunched on some small ice pieces & many other foods that are not on the 'okay to chew' list...& not once broke either my upper denture or lower implant. I have no insurance, and bad credit, but realize that my desire to do it all at once came with an elevated price tag.

I was able to finance this procedure with a loan from a family member. I have to say...I am truly thrilled with the quality of my implants as well as Dr. Perkins and his staff. I am excited to receive my titanium based permanent implants.

They even are remaking my upper denture. I have been so happy with Clear Choice San Diego, that I can't wait to go back and have them replace my upper denture with implants, when I find $19,000.00.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Procedure.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Clear Choice Pros: Professional staff, Quality of work.

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Sounds like my story


May I ask how much you pay per month on your payment plan?



Clear Choice's payment plan was 70% down and 30% due at treatment completion. I make good money, but have horrible credit.

A family member loaned me the $14,000 & gave me a gift of $3,000. I have $5500 remaining on my family loan, and owe clear choice $7,500 when I receive my permanent implants this month.


There is no payment plan. As of today I have paid off my family member.

My remaining balance with ClearChoice is $7500..that I was told was due at completion of treatment. I received my permanent implants in Sept 2015...but at a follow up check...1 implant post was found to be defective from the manufacturer. I am returning at end of Jan 2016 for that replacement.

I have paid ClearChoice $800 of the $7500 balance. I am still very happy with Drs Perkins and Sharafi and all of the ClearChoice staff.