Plano, Texas

I went in to consult about ONE implant for missing teeth on my lower back mouth. After the CT scan, the saleslady told me the Doctor would talk to me, which he did.

I was told that I would need a full lower set of implants, and that I did not have enough bone for a single implant. I was also told that I would "lose my teeth in the next 2 years or so anyway, due to periodontal disease". Cost.....a mere $20,000 (the exact amount that I was approved for!). Regretfully, I had all my bottom teeth pulled and a full lower implant placed.

Pain was minimal post-op, but I absolutely hate the way my face looks now! It has made me look so much older facially! The entire structure of my face changed..and not for the good! I should never have taken their advise without getting a second opinion.

I was very *** and entirely too trusting. I hate how I look. I hate the added hassle I have by having implants. I hate that I was taken advantage of.


Do whatever you need to do to save them! Having "dentures" is a pain in the ***!!

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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Well guys castle dentistry is no better, I'm stuck with missing teeth pain from other bad teeth that I can't pay for, and what do ya know,I did their so called in house financing , I only qualified for,1,800 bucks, and wouldn't you know that's exactly what 1 tooth cost me,1 fake cemented tooth. And since I'm already paying these crooks 98 a month, I was forced to let then pull 2 of my teeth, due to lack of money, and since I can't afford the expensive crowns and various other treatments they feel the need to force me into, I'm going to lose at least 4 more teeth, I can pay 140 cash to let them just pull my teeth and leave me not being able to eat properly, or come up with 1,200 per tooth to save them, and they're telling me that is after my ins.had paid, shoo how much does a root canal really cost?

And the for a crown? I'm sure my bill had been padded abd I'm helpless to do anything about it, except lose my teeth along with what's left of my self esteem. I'm inclined to believe most dentists are thieves. It's sad that people are so greedy.

My husband had been a dedicated educator for 30 yrs. And gee can't even get decent dental care for his family. So sad, so true. These people should be ashamed .

But it's ok, I'll happily and quietly make this sacrifice so that all of my children will never have to. After all that's what mom's do, rite!

Good luck to you all, abd God bless. Thanks for letting me vent abd tell my story.


What a takeoff on the ol' bait and switch. Peace and a blessing and sorry you are going through this. Thank you for sharing.

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