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Well, that is exactly what we did over a month ago. We scheduled an appointment at 481 Munn Rd Fort Mill at 3:30 on January 12th.

My wife and I both took vacation days for this appointment which had to be scheduled 2 weeks out. We drive there and find a note taped to the door that says closed from 1/11/18 at 5 pm until 1/16/18. We received no phone call nor email to advise us that my appointment was cancelled. I have my cell phone records as proof.

An entire day of our lives was wasted. If this is how you run a business I plan to take my dental care elsewhere and tell everybody I know not to contact your office.

Extremely unprofessional! Big mistake on your part as I need an entire set of teeth.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Clear Choice Cons: Canceled my free consultation and never notified me.

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Be grateful, that location is a joke, I'm out 43,000 and still have teeth to big for my mouth. Go somewhere else!!


This site is a joke. Why promise a class action lawsuit and not start one?


Be thankful all you waisted was your vacation days (sorry for your waisted time).

The free consultation is a joke anyway.

They lie and tell you what you want to hear, then at your $1,000 non refundable evaluation apt one of there disclaimers is "Not to EXPECT the results they told you in the free consultation" another one same thing requrding there commercials. The free consultation is a just scam to trick you into trusting a gready corporation that only cares about your money.


Fortunately I only invested in trays to straighten my lower teeth. Almost 2 years later they are as bad as ever.

Big mistake.

My dentist says ‘new trays in 10 days’. Has been 6weeks.

Not sure if my problem is with my Dentist or clear choice but I have paid for it so I am stuck.

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