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I went in for a consultation. The lady that took me back seemed very insincere and phony from her fake smile on.

Her kindness was so syrupy that I could see straight through it as if she was transparent. She did the scan of my mouth and we went in her office reviewed the scan and spoke about it she told me on one side of my mouth that there was not enough bone there to do the implants but that the other side of my mouth was fine bone wise. She then put a video on of testimonials about their work as she took forever to go find a doctor to talk to me he finally cane in with her and he told me that my bone looked great on both sides and that they could do both sides of my lower jaw no problem. Red flags went flyiing then too.

He left the room and I was left with the very phoney *** lady with too much foundation on. I was told my cost would be $23,000.00 and we discussed payment plans which would be like a car payment for 72 months. I didn’t qualify for their in house finance company THANK GOD and I don’t have $23,000.00 so I said no thanks.

She asked me if I could borrow it I told her I don’t borrow she seemed adamant about making her sale but I said thanks but no thanks and immediately felt like I wasted my time that it was possibly a scam and like I should do my research and Thank God I did! I Don’t do it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I wish I didn't fall for there lies. Biggest mistake I've ever made.

I will regret trusting them for the rest of my life. My mouth will never be comfortable again. I can only eat soft food. I have to use a chopper to prepare my food.

I'm out almost $80,000 I still need another set of teeth. Once they have your money they treat you like garbage.

Corporate won't help. You Money is all they care about.


I have being thinking to go there, there after all I read , thanks all for the reviews.: thanks very interesting..