Naples, Florida

This company tried to *** me out of nearly $5k for three teeth.

They advertise on MSNBC, so you can imagine they are NOT believeable, anymore than anything else on that channel is.

I'm glad I read here about all of the horror stories, as with a few of the lasik surgery for myopics before I had either done. Nothing but scams...will there be class action lawsuits against them, or are they based with their money off shore?

Yes, my advice would be to go with a group of friends to a recommended Mexican or SA dentist. They outsource OUR income there, so why not.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Implants at my dentist are $3500 per tooth. 5k for 3 sounds like a deal to me.


I am so tired of people who live inside the Fox "News" bubble using every opportunity to bash any channel that isn't Fox "News." There's a reason Fox tell you that everyone is lying to you and you should only watch Fox...that's how propaganda works.


If you really paid attention, you would know that it's FOX news, Rupert Murdoch's empire (we were warned about him in journalism school 30 years ago), that doesn't tell the truth. Advertising is just that, advertising.

You shouldn't believe any advertising until you check out the facts. MSNBC cannot discriminate, but they could question the truth about ads. It's up to the public to write in and demand that ads be removed on a station. As far as overseas jobs, it's DEFINITELY ABSOLUTELY the right-wing that has done that and they're the ones who keep fighting for tax loopholes.

Please pay attention. It's the left who want the 1% to pay their fair share. The right supports private enterprise without too much legislation. What do you think Clear Choice is?

Please do research and pay attention. Pay attention to the fact that we are now giving Corporate Welfare supported by the right and their lobbyists. Very rich sources of funds that buy elections and hide behind Americans for Prosperity, Cato, The Heritage Foundation and many other entities. Read about ALEC.

It's very frightening. We are already a Plutocracy. SAD. The voting booth could change it.

Prez has no power here: Congress does. And the House and Tea Party have obstructed all great legislation. I've read them all including the Jobs Act.

Nothing wrong with the Jobs Act at all, yet it was stopped cold. Sorry stuff.


They advertise on all the channels including FOX. What a ***.


Just remember if you go overseas and have implants, they could use a brand not FDA approved for sale here. If you ever need parts or need to have different heads put on the implants(s) for some reason, you will have big problems getting it done here. Implants often need things done to them over your life.



I believe you about Clear Choice, thanks.


Clear Choice advertises on Fox too.

You can thank the 1% for most outsourcing.

Who do you think protects your right to still make a class action lawsuit? ACLU and liberals.


I can't believe it!!! You actually watch MSNBC?


South Dakota prices are not extremely high compared to other areas. I have had dental implants and the total procedure, per tooth, is about $4,000.


It sounds more like something you would see on Fox News than MSNBC! 'Faux' News are full of ***, misinformation and lies, just like this company by the sounds of it.


ClearChoice team is all ***! They are really unfriendly and the advertisement was untrue.

They just want suck your money. Better stay away from ClearChoice

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