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For months now I have been watching TV commercials claiming that Clear Choice

Will give you new teeth in one day. My question is: How can they advertise this?

It’s completely untrue (false advertising ).

I have been observing my friends experience with this procedure and it’s horrendous.

He is into his second month and the pain is very bad and damage was done to his jaw, which has to heal delaying further treatment.

His meals consist of liquid nutrients with no end in sight.

My point is: How are they permitted to advertise a procedure which is completely false? I thought there were laws prohibited this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Procedure.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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It is part of their disclaimer. One day based upon your dental condition.


I chose to get a fixed hybrid from a private dentist and surgeon. They were very upfront with me about how long it would take ( 8 months ) .

They told me multiple office visits involving adjustments would be involved. They also gave me the cost up front. I also don't understand how someone can advertise that you will receive a new set of teeth in one day. This does not allow sufficient time for healing and necessary adjustments.

There is always the possibility of implant failure requiring a do-over and additional healing. Consumers should be sure to have all implants torqued to verify they are bonded correctly to the Jawbone.


I have not been for my consultation with Clear Choice yet but the oral surgeon and dentist I have already seen said that I was a candidate for same day placement. They said many people cannot have same day.

I think that some people can have same day and some people cannot but the Clear Choice should make this plain in their ads.

A disclaimer across bottom or just using the words "many people qualify for one day placement" would prevent the ads from being misleading. The quality of the oral tissues determine if the same day procedure can be used.


you obviously work for them with that comment , the teeth are *** too

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