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I had a free consult in San Antonio, Texas last week. after the tour of office, CT, MD visit I was given an estimate of $42,5000!

Now, I have had a lot of dental work in the past, I have several crowns & bridges, so it's not like I have a lot of teeth to extract! I don't have Periodontal Disease & I was informed that I had good bone structure,so why this OUTRAGEOUS $$amt? I viewed the before & after pic of former patients, & in all honesty, I can say that these individuals had some MAJOR ISSUES with their teeth. So many with horrible gum disease, missing & rotting teeth!

I'm not being disrespectful, but these individuals appeared to either have taken a lot of unhealthy meds or drug & their overall hygiene indicated total neglect, so it's difficult for me to believe that they qualified for financial asst. So, my question is HOW did these individuals come up with the $$$ for implants? Did the MD's perform their work on these patients FREE in order to advertise?!? I am a retired educated professional & I don't have $42,500 to spend on dental work!

So how does this company determine the amount to charge customers/ Could it be the manner in which we dress, present ourselves, or maybe the type of car we drive, or they type of watch we wear?!?

I would be willing to spend up to $20,000, which sounds fair, but forget $42,500! I WASN'T born yesterday!

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Service.

Reason of review: overcharged.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Implants = Dentures on a stick! $42,500 was the estimate I was given and all but 2 of my teeth have been pulled.

Outrageous costs! How do they get away with it?


This is a pretty average price for this. The lab charges about $5000 per arch and the implants/parts cost the dentist over $1000 each.

Huge overhead and it's expensive to provide this service. I will give you a discount when my implant vendor, landlord, and bank loans give me a discount.


Just wanted to chime in about your looking at pictures of patients and immediately jumping to conclusions that all were irresponsible and reckless with their oral care. I have Sjogren's syndrome, which is an autoimmune disorder that attacks moisture producing glands (mouth, nose, eyes etc)).

No saliva means no protection for your teeth and accelerated tooth decay. I also was one of the 2% of Sjogren's patients who can develop cancer of the saliva glands, having glands removed and radiation therapy contributed to my already serious dental decay, and of course not enough money to replace teeth as they crumbled.

Just thought you should know, sometimes there are extensive legitimate back stories to those before and after pics you see.


All the comments regarding yourself and your feelings are legitimate, however your negative assessment of patients from their photographs is cruel, unnecessary and speaks of your character.


When a customer is given the option of voicing a an opinion, he is automatically expected to receive Uneducated, Ridiculous remarks from viewers who are so quick to "judge" while in reality having no concept of what the person who posted is implying. My suggestion to those who choose to read more into a statement" than what is Actually said, is to get a DICTIONARY & look up the word "APPEARS"! Like I stated in my original review, I am a retired Professional, however, in error I failed to mention that I was a Retired Medical Professional, & have dealt with thousands of "Medically Illiterate" individuals & you, "Queenie" Appear to be one of them!


Speaking of the importance of language used, "retired medical professional" could mean anything from a surgeon to an X-ray tech to a nurse's assistant. If you really were a professional, you would have had the training necessary to treat patients with all kinds of conditions without judging and with the knowledge that there are a number of medical conditions that can impact tooth health.


I feel i must reply to your comment sir. Specifically for the one about the people in the ads with the jacked up mouths.

My teeth look just like theirs. I grew up eating healthy and going to dentists regularly. I brushed and everything daily.For about 6yrs as a child i would grind my teeth at night.At about age 20 i wasnt able to go get normal cleanings and fillings until about 6 years later when i finally made enough money to afford it. In that time span my teeth started chipping and facial cavities ate my teeth from the inside out.

I never did any drugs to harm my teeth. So dont think any less of the people you see missing most of there teeth most of them just got a *** hand.


Go to a general DDS and get a quote for full restoration of your mouth... surgery + restorative.

I believe the total quote will be higher and they have less experience for this procedure! For a root canal/ build up/ crown restoration is a single tooth is at least 3500.

There is no garantee that will work either. Do the math!

@miss beth

First of all, MOST educated individuals would not seek Extensive, Invasive Oral Surgery from a General DDS! I have consulted an Oral Surgeon in my area who has over 35 yrs experience in this field which means he has been around long before Clear Choice ever came into the picture.I don't know where you got you information about their "lack of experience", but I can assure you as a retired Medical Professional, I would trust them 100%!

They inserted my husbands implants over 20yrs ago & he has never had any problems. He got his surgery & implants paid by the VA because of injuries sustained in Viet Nam.

I chose to seek a possible cheaper option elsewhere because I do no have VA benefits. I had already consulted with the Oral Surgeons in my area & had been quoted a SUBSTANCIALLY LOWER price for the same procedure that Clear Choice offered.As for "Guarantees", one can ever "guarantee" anything 100% especially anything involving a Medical Procedure & if a Doctor, Dentist, Surgeon or any other Legitimate Medical Profession tells you otherwise-YOU SHOULD DO Y-O-U-R MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!


I got an estimate of $36,000 plus and I do not need any prep work!! I just said, "Thank You, for the information and I'll give this some thought, I'm in no hurry!!"

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