San Mateo, California

sure go to another country where "all health care is regulated and peer reviewed, the surgery is performed in stellar and sterile hospitals, the doctors are trained at the leading US medical schools, all implants are purchased from peer reviewed and regulated companies for materials and sterility.

What a *** you are.

Then you can come back to the states and have the infected implants removed, have no one to service or be able to find parts for your "unknown fly by night foreign implant company", AND If you are lucky you won't have a non-reparable defect occur in your head or mouth..... all complements of cheaper health care.

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Were you stoned when you wrote this?


I have had implants done in mexico and have had none of the problems you say. In fact, no problems at all.

Just saved a lot of money by researching ahead of time. The best dental experience I and my wife have ever had.


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