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I was told in order to keep my warranty I needed to come back at least once a year to have them cleaned and checked. Not a problem I actually went back twice a year for the cleaning $185.00 a pop for the 45 min - 1 hour cleaning.

Very high price but I do have dental insurance and would get reimbursed 80%, they provided me with a claim form I mailed it in and received my reimbursement. This time I had my cleaning charged me $250.00 for a 45 min cleaning since I have been taking such care of them it was breeze. At the desk as I am paying the outrageous cost they inform me they no longer will give you a claim form to send in. What, I am told print one off the internet.

So I do, only to find out that there are several items that MUST be provided by them in order to get reimburse like the NIP#, TIN/SSN of the business as well as being signed by the dentist. I call and am told that's not true and the dentist does not have time to sign that my insurance agency is trying to give me the run around. The front desk did tell me she would check with corporate to see how they could help, that was a week ago, so I guess the help is not coming.

I will not return for anymore cleanings - screw the warranty because they will find a way that it is your fault anyway. Any good implant dentist can clean them at a cost of $50.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Give me a completed claim form..

Clear Choice Cons: Customer service, Price and service.

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I agreed with the $250 charge for cleaning is way too high. I was so shocked to hear the cleaning fee went up by $50 from last year. There is also an unknown increase for next year as well.

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