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I have watched this commercial to many times and each and every time it rates on my every nerve. Children watch this commercial and the first thing it tells your child is to be embarrassed by their parents appearance!

many can not afford to go out an dhave pearly whites, and if the child was not embarrassed by their parent in the first they will be after they have been taught which every thing a child hears makes an impression, what they hear is compounded in thier mind till they believe that this is the way to be, embarrassed by their parents appearance. I gues with all the fat issues they should be embarrased by their parent if fat or bad teeth or maybe their hair is not soft and flowing, maybe they have thin hair or they are bald due to chemo or do not have the money to dress well. I myself do not have the best teeth but my son has heard this and i am glad he is old enough not to take it ti heart that I might be an embarrassment to him if I do not get them fixed. I put him first in his growing up and did without dental work.

I actually had a neighbors child ask me if because his Mom had no teeth should he be embarrassed would he get teased, should his Mom go to clear choice and get help. Not a good message and yes it bothers me to becasue it makes me feel that because i can not get my teeth fixed I should also be embarrassed to smile.

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I am truly thankful for reading these stories from REAL people. I too like another mother put my 5 children's teeth including braces before my own.

My dentist did the best she could for my teeth at the lowest cost. I was advised that when I got older if I did not get treated (me teeth)I would slowly lose them. She was correct and my teeth embarrass me.

I requested information electronically and luckily on my search engine I found these stories. I have been un-employed for almost two years and was going to take money from my retirement account to pay for the procedure.


In the commercial they don't tell you that you need mega thousands of money, at how much per month? Too much!

If they really cared about what they were doing for people they put their practice of caring for people above the money they make.

I have to change the channel, it's just sad that doctors put money above care. More of a hypocritic oath, than the hypocratic oath.

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