Rocklin, California

I would love for someone to start a class action law suit. The statute of limitations has run out for me but I would be more than happy to testify on behalf of others. I have to live with permanent and painful nerve damage caused from CC implants.

I feel bad that you have had an awful experience and that CC will not take care of their inferior work and product. They have left you to fend for yourself. I have never heard of a case where CC has refunded money. Like you I spent thousands of dollars to have my mouth ruined and thousands more to other dental professionals to help correct the damage. I am appalled that they kicked you out of their office. Basically, they blame the client and do not accept responsibility for their substandard worK. If you

ever file a lawsuit against them I will help you by testifying. I feel angry that they have treated you this way. I commend you for writing your complaint as it will help others not to make a huge mistake. Sincerely, Susan from Rocklin, Calif.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am so disappointed in my choice to choose clear choice. They makw it sound so eady and worth the money but my nose was damaged during surgery and has a permanent brown line down it.

The implants made my bottom teeth stick put for 6 months. Now the temps are broke and they can't get me in till tomorrow unless I want them to take them put and have me sit outside till ready because they have no room inside.

Out of the 42000 only 1000 left and they want me to pay it after all the craziness. Sooooooo upset with my choice


Please contact me



Susan, are you talking about the store on Sierra College Blvd in Roseville?


Dear Anonymous, please forgive me for being so long in writing. I haven't looked here in many months.

Yes, my work was done at the Clear Choice Dental Center on Sierra College Blvd in Roseville Calif.

I wrote my story under the title: Clear Choice Dental in Roseville: Implants have given me horrendous pain and suffering. With the comment above I was answering a person who was exploring the option of a class action law suit.

I meant to reply to his post but it showed up here as a major review. I hope this helps.


which of their offices did you go to?

please respond to my personal e-mail at:


Dear Anonymous, I apologize for not responding much sooner as you wrote this 5 months ago. I will send you an e-mail today.


I wish people would be specific about their complaints


Dear Anonymous: You are absolutely right in saying that there should be more specifics in this complaint. I wrote my full story about the disastrous outcome for me at Clear Choice in a post called: "Clear Choice Dental Roseville: Implants Have Given Me Horrendous Pain and Suffering".

In the post above I meant to reply to a person who inquired about a class action law suit. My reply showed up as a major comment instead of a response. I know this must be confusing. I am so sorry that my answer to you is late when you wrote this in October.

I have not looked at this site in several months. I appreciate your remark.

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