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they do not provide you what they promise

as someone mentioned before they treat you like a celebrity until they get your money notice that none of them at the office have the same procedure done do not at any cost let them pull your teeth do what you can to save your teeth your facial profile will change you will look very much older I have pictures to prove this if you would like to contact me feel free to do so and I will show you what you will be paying for do not I repeat do not fall victim to this company it is a scam I regret not doing my homework and I regret listening to someone that was not able to provide me other patients real pictures not professional pictures that can be photo shop or contact information for them I regret it everyday I cry when I look in the mirror. I get depressed.

I am very remorseful for this decision do not make the same mistake that i did. they put pretty teeth in your mouth but they do not fit your face. your face will sag and you will age tremendously.the value of what I have lost can never be replaced. I was doing this so that I would have no worries with my teeth anymore and now I worry more now than I ever did in my lifeplease at all cost do your homework before making a decision like this that's all I ask.

they claim to have 3 D technology but everything that is being done by man not a 3D anything. So ask for photos of what you will look like ask for references of happy clients don't fall victim to the save 1000 dollars off if you sign up right now scheme I found out later that someone paid 37,000 for the same procedure that I paid 50,000 for. run as fast as you can a way from this company.

work on your mouth tooth by tooth. if not you will deal with the same nightmare as I do because after having this procedure done you do not have the alternative to go to traditional dentures ...yes they got your mouth and file down all of your gum that's why your face will sag because you have been stripped from the gum that help to structure your face ~God bless, and if there is a dentist out there reading this that can help clients that have fallen victim to this company please leave your information on this site to be contacted I need an alternative I can't live the rest of my life like this

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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Why doesn’t someone contact the department of consumer affairs or the Attorney Generals office and have these people put out of business they seem to be breaking a lot of consumer laws and get your own attorney and sue for monetary damages. There are agencies that are supposed to over see these outfits and have the authority to pu there license to operate.


If the photos are a true representation of the type of restoration you received, I question the use of only two implants per arch as well as the position of the teeth in relation to the position of the implants. Typically, for the type of denture you received, the usual number of implants should be, at the very least, 4 implants.

Secondly, with the teeth set where they are in relation to the implants tends to place excess torsional or canteliever force on the two implants. If this discrepancy in position was absolutely necessary due to available bone, then the argument for at least 4 implants (5 ideally) becomes especially necessary.

@Implant Dr.

They do 2 in the front & two in the back... hence the name "all on 4".


Has anyone goner as far as contacting a lawyer that will take your case please let me know if so and the name of the lawyer


Would you participate on a possible Class Action Lawsuit against CCMS.?

Im also victim...


Would you participate on a possible Class Action Lawsuit against CCMS.?

Im also victim...

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