North Atlanta, Georgia

they do not provide you what they promise

as someone mentioned before they treat you like a celebrity until they get your money notice that none of them at the office have the same procedure done do not at any cost let them pull your teeth do what you can to save your teeth your facial profile will change you will look very much older I have pictures to prove this if you would like to contact me feel free to do so and I will show you what you will be paying for do not I repeat do not fall victim to this company it is a scam I regret not doing my homework and I regret listening to someone that was not able to provide me other patients real pictures not professional pictures that can be photo shop or contact information for them I regret it everyday I cry when I look in the mirror. I get depressed.

I am very remorseful for this decision do not make the same mistake that i did. they put pretty teeth in your mouth but they do not fit your face. your face will sag and you will age tremendously.the value of what I have lost can never be replaced. I was doing this so that I would have no worries with my teeth anymore and now I worry more now than I ever did in my lifeplease at all cost do your homework before making a decision like this that's all I ask.

they claim to have 3 D technology but everything that is being done by man not a 3D anything. So ask for photos of what you will look like ask for references of happy clients don't fall victim to the save 1000 dollars off if you sign up right now scheme I found out later that someone paid 37,000 for the same procedure that I paid 50,000 for. run as fast as you can a way from this company.

work on your mouth tooth by tooth. if not you will deal with the same nightmare as I do because after having this procedure done you do not have the alternative to go to traditional dentures ...yes they got your mouth and file down all of your gum that's why your face will sag because you have been stripped from the gum that help to structure your face ~God bless, and if there is a dentist out there reading this that can help clients that have fallen victim to this company please leave your information on this site to be contacted I need an alternative I can't live the rest of my life like this

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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Clear Choice is all hype. Bate & Switch tactics are utilized...also setting up financing then taking the money and NOT do the work.

And put me in the line for a default bank loan. Choosing a lawyer this week Stay away or you’ll pay ...big time


i am looking for a dentist who would look at my record and teeth and give me an expert affidavit. I was screwup by a dentist-company.

not able to go forward in court because I lack of an expert affidavit.

any lawyer will provide dentist and legal service would be helpful. From Atlanta, GA

to Anonymous #1711009

I live in Oregon. A lawyer told me I would have to go to California to get a dentist to help.

File a claim with your state board of dentistry. Keep a Copy of all the paperwork you send them also all communication you have with them. (they could be biased also. The state of Oregon is).

Also file a complaint with your states department of justice.

And the B B B. Good luck to you.


very helpful


Now I am worried, already have appointment scheduled. Haven’t paid the $52,000 yet. Please if you have pictures or more information, please share.

to Anonymous #1703628

Try a mini dental implant center!

to Anonymous #1710532

I sure hope you didn’t go through with your appointment.

to Anonymous #1711018

CANCEL your surgery. I should have gotten zirconia teeth for 58,000.

I've paid over 72,500 I had to get the cheap teeth from another dentis. (Plus another 5,000 on tissue grafts I'm out over 80,000). I have to eat a total soft diet because of the pain with the implants. I bite my lips, cheek & tounge when I eat, & at times when I speak.

They removed my entire gums So my lips continue to wrinkle more everyday. The only claim they make that's true is "We transform lives" (not for the better). My mouth totally sucks since Clear Choice. Not sure I would recomend the all on 4 procedure at all.

DEFINITELY NOT with clear choice. C C Corporate Will screw you too.


Thanks for stopping me from making a huge mistake.


I have 6 missing teeth, looking for implants. Can you send me photos of your experience?


I too am a pussed of customer from clear choice, I left before they got my entire 5ok but I want ppl to know don’t bother n go to K1implaints in Ohio or there is one in Wa, anyway I spend 1k dollars for nothing nothing I think they take that grand to pay the bills cuz they don’t and can’t offer what they claim I fund this comment nothing burg the truth !!! I want my grand back but at least I didn’t get botched by Michigan’s clear choice n dr afify shame shame!!

to Anonymous #1693215

To get your $10000.00 back file with the BBB, Dental Association and a Grievance with your Dental Insurance Company, if they paid. They all investigate and will suggest other ways to get your money if they cannot get it for you.


I too made the same mistake. Ive aged 10 years in a few months.

They put the wrong screws in 2 implants Luckily the jerk refused to finish the job. No doubt he would have covered them up. Then it would be my prob to fix. I should have gotten zercona teeth for 58,000.00.

I've paid $72,556.00 had to get The cheap teeth. Corporate doesn't help either. They just want your cash. Then your screwed.

Biggest mistake of my life. My tongue is so crowed in my mouth I have to prepare my food like I'm 2 it's old. Don't do any big dental job unless you use someone from the ADA.

They have stiffer guild lines to follow. I went to the one on Portland or.

to Wilmajc #1693217

Thanks so much for sharing this!!! Please share on FB so we all know what’s happening!!!

to Anonymous #1705272

Thanks for this


How can I get in touch with you?


I spent 43 thousand and over 14 months later the only teeth I have received are better at eating the inside of my own mouth than the foods I want to eat, I regret choosing the incompetent work and sorry attitude of this company, I would love getting my money back so I could go somewhere else for teeth that I can eat with!


I had mine done in Portland or. They didn't deliver what they promised either.

I don't understand how they can stay in business. They make money destroying people's quality of life.


Will you email me some pictures. I really want to do something similar. I can hardly eat


Contact Dr. Aldo Sordelli. Houston,Texas

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